Saturday, August 9, 2008

A DIRTY secret revealed.

Beautiful, isn't she? She's a WIP, yes, a Mirabilia (full sized one-not a little fairy). She's called "Gathering Eggs". A longtime favorite. When she's done, she'll be spectacular.

But I did mention a dirty secret, didn't I? Well, I started her in - get ready - no seriously, sit down - 2002. OMG, can you believe that? I came all that way to abandon her! I have a buddy that stitches only Mirabilia, and I think she'll have my head if I don't finish this little sweet lady up. Honestly, it's a secret shame of mine, and I thought maybe getting it all out there would put some light on the matter, and someone would(for goodness sake!) hold me accountable for that piece!!! Please.

So, the other thing is my Halloween Fairy. I have been stitching on her right wing. Well, it's HER left wing, but you know what I mean.

Coming along pretty well. Those ladies at the Mirabilia stitching board put me to shame, serious shame. One of them, who shall remain nameless, has stitched TWO of the new Trick or Treat patterns in about one week. C'mon!!! Please see the issue above. I've had a WIP for the past 6 years and this chick is stitching two designs in a week?? More power to her!

So how 'bout you? Any dirty secrets to share?

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  1. Ok...I have a little dirty secret too. I am working on a design that I started in 2006. And it's not even close to being finished.


  2. Well, I started a pillow last year and then did a lot in January, but then put it aside to start a bag. Oh... and I have only scrapped a couple of pages for Enid, and she's almost 4!!! Do those count?

  3. Tahnk you so much for stopping by my blog :) It's so nice to meet you :)

    BEAUTIFUL is right-WOW!!! gorgeous project!!


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