Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goblin Start, Stash, and Funny Convo

Funny conversation regarding the virtues of Thread Heaven:

Me: (opening a new container) Yaaayyyy!
DH: What's so exciting?
Me: Sparkles!
DH: What *is* that stuff on top?
Me: It's FUN, whaddya think?
DH: Yeah, but why is it there?
Me: You obviously don't get it.

The people who make this stuff get it though, because they are the ones that add the sparklies!

Yes, the sparkles have no purpose other than to amuse me. And they do. That's how easily I'm amused. I know, I'm a freak. Have you used this stuff? I love it. I don't usually use it with DMC, but for silks and overdyeds, it's a necessity for me.

Here's my start. Eleven days since my last blog entry and I realize I should have had this done already, lol. However, I just haven't had the dedicated stitching time I want. Just like the last design, this fabby is kind of yellow, but doesn't want to show up that way in a pic:

Just a few stash items. My friend Tracy gave me SamSarah's Jumping Jacks. Love those pumpkins! And I had to have the witchy design of course. Then I scored another BBD Loose Feather design off eBay. This is such a great design. I'm happy I won it!

Well, nothing else exciting happening. I'm gearing up for our annual vacation - July 11 - to Ocean City, MD, and we are so stoked! I need to start thinking about what stitching to take. I will either take the Prairie Schooler Garden Fairy (the only one I have left to stitch, out of 4) or another little Shepherd's Bush design for mom's birthday. We'll see! **ETA** Yes Judy, I do know about all those shops and also Sea Needles in Bethany Beach. Oh how I love to shop for cross stitch, but at the beach it's even sweeter!

Thx for all the great comments on my last post about the finish and the scrapbook tin. I had someone ask me to email instructions on how to complete the tin and I'll be happy to do that! Take care and until next time,


  1. I didn't know you could use Thread Heaven on overdyes.

    I'll have to get some the next time I get to the LYS.

    Some of the dark overdyes really like to tangle.

    Have a good time on vacation!

  2. Are you going to Ocean City Maryland? That's where I live in the summer. Do you know about Salty Yarns [cross stitch store] on the board walk at 8th street and Spinning Wheel {up Rt 50 in Fenwick on the right Lighthouse Square shopping center}?

  3. Enjoy your get away! I'm liking the looks of that Goblins start. Show the progress. I like the colors. You did score a neat pattern. :) Until later.

  4. I love that BBD pattern, great catch!

    Your start is so cute!

  5. Cute start on the SB. I vote for SB, too on your vacation. They're fun and cute! Hope you have a great time.

  6. I used Thread Heaven for beading but not for stitching - I'll have to give it a try (may have to add some sparkles to mine, too!). Great new stash - the only one of the bunch I stitched was Beneath the Sunlit Sky and loved the colors.

    Have a great trip!

  7. I so get it about the glitter, Tammy!! You are in good company! (^-^)

    Love your goblins start, it promises to be a great piece!! Have fun on your beach holiday and bring back lots of new stash!

  8. Enjoy the sparkles and your vacation!

  9. Ooooh--shopping for stitching at the beach! Then stitching at the beach. And fries! And more stitching!

    Take lots of pictures for us vacation-deprived folks. BF just can't decide when or where we're taking ours (his turn to plan) and it's driving me nuts, so I'll enjoy your vacation vicariously.

  10. I would like the sparkles too.
    Goblin is looking lovely and I loke your new stash, especially the 'witches stitch too', very cute!
    Thanks again for the advice with the silks, I'll have an update on Friday hopefully.
    Have a great week x

  11. Enjoy your vacation Tammy....Have a nice time

  12. Nice start on Goblins. Don't you hate it when the fabric colour doesn't show up in the photos?

    Beneath The Sunlit Sky is lovely. I've got mine all kitted and just waiting for me to stitch it one day.

    I like the look of the Witches Stitch Too chart. A bit whimsical in style. Homespun Elegance have a lot of nice patterns.

    How exciting about your holiday. Always nice to get away. Happy stash hunting!

  13. I loved to read the conversation :)

    It is a great start on the Goblins. And I love your new stash.

  14. Great start on the goblins, can't wait to see it come to life. Scored some cool stash too :o) Hope you have loads of fun on your vacation.

  15. I can't wait to see the pumpkin design hanging on your wall! I'm glad you like it.

    You really need to show me how to use PhotoShop!!

    I'll miss you when you go to the beach...and I'm so envious. haha!


  16. Awesome new stash! Thread Heaven works wonders on WDW (which I think is the worst about tangling!)

  17. I just found your blog. Love your WIP. Enjoy your vacation. The shop in Ocean City is really nice!

  18. I saw your Goblin start on Shepherd's Bush Village and it really caught my attention. Can't wait to see how that one stitches up. Enjoy your beach vacation!

  19. Love the sparkles! I had some of that stuff, and never used it. In fact I think one of my kids thought it was lip gloss...that was pretty funny. I finally gave it to my mom for her applique stuff, and she says it's great. Guess I'll have to find another one sometime. Never thought about using it with silk. Thanks for the tip!
    Hope you have a wonderful vacation! So funny about thinking of what stitching to take. I'm in FL right now, and had to bring 5 projects! LOL
    Have a great time! Can't wait to hear of the stitching news.

  20. Tell your DH that 'sparkles don't need a purpose'...LOLOL my DH would probably do the same thing! I LOVE that pattern of witches stitch too. You were the first person I thought of when I saw that. Have FUN on your vacation. Lots of pictures please!

  21. Yay for sparklies!

    Have a great holiday, Tammy!

  22. Once upon a time, long, long ago...I did use the Thread Heaven, although I can't remember just which thread I used it on. Probably WDW as I have problem's at times with it knotting up on me. Enjoy your "sparkles". :-) I can just see you sneaking the cover off...to get a glimps and then quickly capping it back up again...till the next time you need another peek. Tee hee

    Love, love all your new stash.

    And your SB piece is off to a great start. Your stitching is so top-notch, really beautiful.

    Have a fun and safe Vacation~get lots of stitching time in~but divide it up with some equal stash shopping time too. :-)

  23. Cool Threadheaven!!! I didn't know it came with sparklies! I don't often use it but it's a must if you have to use Marlitt or something. I also can't wait to see how your Goblins progresses! Do you have a Halloween slot in your rotation?

  24. Yup, the sparklies are an extra fun touch. Nice start on Goblins, that is a fun piece. So far, it's still looking like I'll be doing it this fall. Loved your picture tin finish in your earlier posting, how creative. Congrats on your finish of My Needle, beautiful finish. Very fun stash too, Witches Stitch is on my wish list as well.

  25. I am almost sure I don't have sparkles in my Thread Heaven, I will have to dig mine out to look.
    Love the stash some great stuff there.
    Have fun in Ocean City

  26. Yes, I use thread heaven all the time. It seems to help the fiber pull thru the linen!

    Nice patterns you have!

  27. Love your new start! Great stash acquisitions, too.

    Enjoy your time in OC! I love going to Salty Yarns but reading Sally's blog has made a bit nervous in case I show my nimrod-like tendencies when I'm there. LOL Have a great time!

  28. OK! Now I'm going to have to pick up Goblin...so cute!!! I have something for you on my blog...check it out =) Meg

  29. oh cool sparklies in the wax:)
    Great start on Goblin and love your new stash!!

  30. Love the Goblin start! And of course, we must have sparklies - I would have had the same reaction! Ooh look, sparkly!

  31. I never realized it had sparkles! I have a container of it, but don't use it too often. I probably should make it a point to try it again, since there is a lot of thread that could use help.

    You are off to a great start on Goblins. I just LOVE the witchy chart!!

  32. That's a very nice new start, Tammy. And your new stash looks so promising.
    I'm not very familar with Thread Heaven but those sparklies look cute.

  33. Your new stash looks great!Bet it's hard to chose which to start first. I'm slowly starting to build mine back up.My local quilt store tells me that the sparkles in the Thread Heaven are intended as a static reducer.I love working with it,especially for hand quilting.


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