Monday, November 17, 2008

Night and Day, Doggie love, and Tag!

I got a new camera!! Thx to my friend in Idaho, Julie, who always knows me best. Thanks Jules. I love you! It's a Canon Powershot, and I have to say, I'm loving this thing. Here's a pic of what I'm working on now, mentioned previously. It's LHN, Night and Day:

Now, here's my baby...Jenny the Jack Russell. She's our 3rd and is 2 1/2, but we've had her since she was 6 months old. We had another JR live until she was nearly 18. I hope we have as many years with this one. We have another doggie too, and I'll show you him next time.

Here is daddy holding the baby, lol:

OK, now apparently I've been tagged TWICE! First I was tagged by Margie, and then Lori. Thanks ladies--very fun!

So, here are six random things about me ...

1. I toy with the idea of going back and finishing school so I can be a medical examiner.

2. I cannot speak any other language fluently.

3. I love to drive a stick shift, but don't have one right now.

4. I want to ride and/or drive a motorcycle.

5. I adore scary movies, haunted houses, and all things frightening.

6. I'm addicted to true crime stories.

So I left off some of the *really* quirky stuff, but that's so you won't get scared--hahahaha! Now, I know I need to tag some others here, but I first must find out who all has been tagged so I don't duplicate anything!

Next time, I hope to be way further along on my stitching. Have a great day everyone and I'll be catching up on your blogs between tonight and tomorrow!


  1. Haha!Love the new camera, Love the tag....LOVE the baby...and Daddy baby looks so sweet holding Jenny! MY DH would NEVER pose with me Smokey Cat...(sneaky voice)..unless he didn't know...bwahahahaha

  2. I love my Power Shot, too. And true crime stories!

    Jenny is adorable. I love her black "freckles."

  3. Congratulations on the new camera! That's always exciting. I'm still loving my little red one. It's funny... I picked a red camera, a purple silicone phone case, and an orange iPod without thinking about the relationship between them all. Okay, so it's only strange to me.

    You can get that degree, girl! I know you can!!

  4. The new camera must be great, your stitching photo is so clear! Jenny is adorable, we had a Jack Russell when I was a child, she was lovely.

  5. Have fun with your new camera.
    Jenny is so adorable. Just look at that face

  6. Don't be fooled by Jenny's cuteness...she's a MONSTER!!


  7. Awh, what a beautiful puppy baby! My sis has a JR and what sweethearts they are. Full of lot's of energy though! He rarely sits still for too long. LOL

    A new camera...how wonderful! Looks like it takes some very awesome pictures. Woohooo!

    Now here is a huge groany kind of "Crumb"...with a sigh! I've TAGGED you, but for the same Random things about you that I see you've already been tagged for!!! I will understand if you sit this one out...just the same though, you've been TAGGED. LOL You can see my Blog for the details.

    Have a awesome kind of day...and loads of happy stitching time.

  8. What a sweet puppy!!!!
    Gosh your hubby sure reminds me of my brother!

  9. What a great picture. She is sooo cute. Congratulations on the new camera, enjoy it!
    BTW, you have been tagged AGAIN. This is a little different though. Hope you like it.

  10. Sounds like we have a lot in common! :~)

    I'm so sorry to hear about you losing all your EMS Babies patterns :~( that's awful!!! If you ever want to get them back there is a great site called PatternsOnline.com that has ALL of them!!! And they are in sets too! I am totally addicted to that website ~ I have about 250 patterns in my account that I have purchased & a wishlist that has over 500 patterns! LOL!

    Congrats on the new camera!!! It takes GREAT pictures! I used to have a digital camera that my mom bought me for my birthday in January 2008 ~ but in August at my daughter's birthday party, my husband accidently left it sitting on the couch & my 2 year old son got ahold of it & got chocolate milk all over it ~ we took the batteries out & let it dry out ~ then we put the batteries back in & turned it on ... it worked great ... except the shutter would no longer open :~( so I'm hoping to get a new one sometime soon ~ I miss having it so much! LOL

    Hope you're having a great week & you have an excellent weekend!!!

  11. Have fun with your new toy, it looks like it takes wonderful pictures. Night and day is looking great, and Jenny is so cute, what a cuddler with your DH.

  12. Have fun with the new camera, and Jenny is too cute!


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