Monday, April 27, 2009

BBD With My Needle Update and SAL

Here's a bit of slow progress on my BlackBird Designs, With My Needle. I've been working this with another project so it's going slow but sure. You can't tell too much, but it's being stitched on a very sweet yellow fabby called "Antique Cotton" by R&R. I love it.

And I love working with the overdyed flosses here too, but you know how when you do it like you're *supposed* to (by crossing each stitch as you go) and you go back the other way---the stitches don't quite look like the first row you did? AAAAAAGGGH, my stitching o.c.d. kicks in and I have to force myself to just do it and move on.

Here's my contribution to this months Totally Useless SAL. Mine is an ugly Vlasic pickle jar, so I never show the lid! Hahahaha.

And do you know, I haven't done an ornie for my challenge group this month....either. Lazy? Procrastinator? Sure. I just have to live with it. You won't catch me signing up for round robins or exchanges or anything else where I have to do something on a certain date. Ya'll would be sorely dissapointed if I did. :p

If you're looking for an awesome fabby giveaway, please head over to see Daffycat! They're gorgeous!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Winner Is..............

The winner of the Shepherd's Bush Fright draw is Juls !! Congrats Juls, and thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who signed up for the draw! I've made some new blog friends.

I included a screenshot of the random.org site in case anyone wanted to see. You know, I don't even know how to do a screenshot, lol. I had to download some software to do it!! Is there a secret to it or what? Goodness. I hope this is clickable so you guys can see it.

This was fun. I think I'll do another giveaway sometime in the near future. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BlackBird Designs With My Needle-Idol Chatter

OK, it's not a tease. It's a real life start! Lookie, I have proof:

See? I told ya!

Are you enjoying the less than stellar lighting on these photos? Thank Mother Nature. One minute is cloudy and rain, and the very next second is sunny! BLAH! I think you can get at least the general idea that I have indeed started something. If you haven't already, please leave me a comment in the below post if you would like to be entered in the giveaway for Shepherd's Bush Fright. I'll be back on Friday to announce the winner.

And who do you think is going home on American Idol tonight?? Well, I think either Lil--why couldn't she replicate that FAB Mary J. Blige thing from early this season--or Matt G. or Noop. But it WILL NOT be this man.

OMG, be still my heart. Yeah, I lust after him. Does that make me a cougar? I don't care if he is gay or not either. A delusional cougar? :p

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I tried. Oh yeah, and a give-a-way!

I tried. You know, I really did. Despite the past couple weeks of *trying*, I simply could not get into my latest project, Fright, by Shepherd's Bush (see below post or my sidebar for pic). Does anyone want this kit? Just leave a comment saying you'd like to enter the give-a-way, and I'll draw a name on Friday, April 24th. My inability to get this thing going can be your gain! I did do the tiny pumpkin and the star at the top of the design, but they can be easily removed to get your own stitches in there. Comes with fabby, design, silks, and button.

You know what's sad? It's such a TINY sweet design that I should have had it done by now, and it is SO darn cute. It is a "spot" sampler, and alas, I guess I'm not a spot sampler kind 'o gal. :p I need to rifle through my stash (pure torture, right?) and come up with something else now. I also have a surprise project in the works, which I'll show a sneak peek of sometime in the future.

I got this new design by La-D-Da.

I love Lori Markovic's designs and just seem to gravitate towards them. But then again, I have tons of Cricket to be done, and then there's all the Prairie Schooler, and BlackBird Designs. Oh, and more Shepherd's Bush! And I really *should* work on an ornie this month. Ever feel like you have too many designs? OK, just forget I said it. It's not true. I never said that! I also would like to finish my series of PS Prairie Fairies. I only have one left to do--this one:

The whole series is just so cute. If you are a PS fan, and don't have them, check 'em out on eBay. Affordable, and just adorable.

I think I'm just having a really *off* month. My son has had Spring Break this week and I'm all discombobulated. He has a doc appointment Monday morning to see how the bone is healing and hopefully he'll be out of his cast soon. What a pain in the a$$ for all of us, but especially him. I just feel like I cannot get in my "groove" with stitching and I'm bummed out about it. The old noggin feels all cluttered up! I'm going to endeavor to stitch my butt off this week. I also want to commit to walking one mile each day starting tomorrow. I'll be more likely to WALK my butt off than STITCH it off. Unless I'm stitching really, really fast......

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fright Start and Other Stuff

First, I want to thank all of you for leaving such great advice about reading blogs. I try to keep my posting to about once a week or so. I did go to the Google Reader. I had to LOL when I googled "google reader" and all my followed blogs showed up! Ahhh, the wonders of the internets, eh? How DO they do this stuff?

Sometimes, I'm real good about leaving lots of comments, and sometimes, I might have to play catch up. I'm just supremely thankful that everyone I've met in stitching blogger land (it's a real place you know) is so FABU. Also, that response about the Pinhead Stitch was awesome. Boy, a Shepherd's Bush stitcher can sure use that information. You should check it out. I'm going to attempt it for this stitch.

Well, just a real quick little post to show that I am indeed starting Fright, by Shepherd's Bush. I'm also working on another project that I can't show just yet. I'm nearly done, so we'll see. This week I'll try to work between the two and see where that gets me. Have a great Easter and enjoy time with your families! Time to go dye eggs here........

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Red Snowman Finish!

He's finally done. Boy I tell you, I sure am NOT the fastest stitcher, but to be fair, I was trying to work and stitch (rarely at the same time) over the past 7 months. Now I have a break for 5 or so months and can concentrate on this crazy obsessive passion I have. I am also involved in some other creative endeavors--totally exciting--but I'm not going to share details right now. I know, don't you hate that?! I promise to keep you posted though. On to my Red Snowman finish!

Shepherd's Bush Red Snowman
Cranberry Bog Fabric 32 ct. (in kit)
Fibers: Au ver a Soi and Thread Gatherer Silks

I really am pleased with him. He's a nice addition to my finishes because I didn't have any wintry designs, and now I have two! Yayyyy! Don't know what I might put on the QSnaps next, but I'm thinking it might be Fright by Shepherd's Bush.

I can only go so long without a Halloweeny stitch. I was so busy getting Snowman done I didn't even do an ornament for March for my challenge. BLAH! Truth be told, I might not get one done for April either, lol. For all you "followers", WOW-I can't get over how many people are even remotely interested in what I'm doing or stitching. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It makes me smile. I have tried to return the favor by following all your blogs too, and I hope I haven't missed any. Please let me know if have!

How do you all keep up with all the blogs? I have so many I love now, and sure to come across lots more. Do you devote time every day to blogging, or once each week? Do tell! I'll be back soon with a new start as soon as I dig through everything and decide! Until then,