Thursday, August 28, 2008


Except that's not what I said. When I realized my Halloween Fairy's mask was stitched up wrong (as I was backstitching), I resorted to pleading for help. With a quick email, my friend Tracy was able to confirm that I did indeed need to tear it out and do it over again. BLAH! I had to though. It was BAD, lol. Here's a before and after for you, above.

After I took care of that, I made some good headway on the other wing. A fellow blogger called this the "Headache Fairy" and I love that term. I'm quickly running out of the Crescent Colours in Dandelion Stem, so I'll have to go on a hunt for that tomorrow.

And, by the looks of my posts, I need a new start. Something Halloweeny or Fall"esque" I think. Maybe this?

I have had this one for a while and would love to finish it. Isn't that little witchy sweet though? She is too cute. Not that I need anything to get me in the mood though. Halloween season is my favorite of all. We go ALL OUT doing the house up and usually have a big party. I want to do something different this year though, or at least add some new and interesting things.

If you have any great sites for Halloween, please let me know! I need to add a great scary book to my reading list too. Heart-Shaped Box is currently freaking me out, but is an awesome ghost story! Happy stitching (and witching!).....

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mirabilia Fairy, Shepherd's Bush, and a THANKS!

SHARON !!! She gave me these two sweet little awards and I'm humbled.

I have seen these on other (WAY BETTER!) blogs and wondered what was going on that people got them, lol. Now I know. What happens is that some sweet soul reads your blog and thinks enough of you to give you a virtual pat on the back, as if to say "You're OK in my book!". What a nice feeling. Thank you Sharon. You and those those adorable grandbabies of yours just rock. Here's some other blogs that rock too. But this is in no way all my favorite blogs! There are way too many to put here!:

Pretty In Pink
The Twisted Stitcher
Wendy's Art Blog
Coastal Stitching
Stitching Scientist
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Garden of Stitches

Here's the rules of the game so to speak:
For those of you who have been awarded, please post the following rules on your Blog.

1. The winner can put the logo on their Blog.
2. Link the person you received your award from.
3. Nominate at least 7 other Blogs.
4. Put the links to those Blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message on the Blogs of those you've nominated

OK, here's a TINY bit of wing progress on my Halloween Fairy. I told you I wasn't the quickest stitcher in the East!

Now, here's a photo of the corrected Shepherd's Bush with painted mat. Again a horrid photo. Anyone want to give me a camera? :)

My mom loved it, and I have a horror story about the framer's to tell you but alas, let me just say I won't be going back. I'm really sad about that, but after this debacle the past few days, I just don't need this again!

Thanks for reading, to those that do. I enjoy your blogs too, more than you know! I hope everyone has a wonderful "Back To School" week..........

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shepherd's Bush Framed

Here's the little Wish Sheep. Remember the framing freak out? Yep, I got him back today and it turned out so cute. I think Mom will love it.

**Edited to add** OMG, they forgot the mat painting! I called them and then took it back in to have it done. I am so MAD. They said I would have it by the 16th. Went in on the 16th and it wasn't done. I went in the beginning of this week-NOT DONE. So they tell me to come back today--NOT DONE! UGH!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy progress...come see!

I'm by no means the fastest stitcher on the planet. I get caught up in being lazy, uh, I mean being busy (yeah BUSY!) and doing other stuff, but I try to do a tiny bit each day at least. Some days more than others!

I finished nearly all of the one side and I'm really stoked. Maybe, just maybe, I *am* the kind of gal that can finish a Mira design? Stay tuned. Time will tell...

I thought of trying to finish the little blackbird (see previous post) into a sweet little "small" of some kind. I have never really done that before, but I love seeing how everyone makes these beautiful little treasures. I'll look up some instructions and see what technique fits the little guy the best. Wish me luck!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Couple of Earlier Finishes

These are just a couple of finishes from earlier this year. There is Red Winged Blackbird by Bent Creek (I love this one). And then there is the House Cleaning Fairy by Prairie Schooler. I made both these while finishing up my work year this past April. I'll be starting again soon, so I wanted to get these "on the books" as it were-you know, proof that I stitched something!

I worked on my blog a bit today. Well, actually it was for more hours than I'm comfortable admitting, lol. The header didn't come out exactly as I wanted, but hey, it works, and it's me! No, I'm not a witch. I just like witches. And stitching.

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

A DIRTY secret revealed.

Beautiful, isn't she? She's a WIP, yes, a Mirabilia (full sized one-not a little fairy). She's called "Gathering Eggs". A longtime favorite. When she's done, she'll be spectacular.

But I did mention a dirty secret, didn't I? Well, I started her in - get ready - no seriously, sit down - 2002. OMG, can you believe that? I came all that way to abandon her! I have a buddy that stitches only Mirabilia, and I think she'll have my head if I don't finish this little sweet lady up. Honestly, it's a secret shame of mine, and I thought maybe getting it all out there would put some light on the matter, and someone would(for goodness sake!) hold me accountable for that piece!!! Please.

So, the other thing is my Halloween Fairy. I have been stitching on her right wing. Well, it's HER left wing, but you know what I mean.

Coming along pretty well. Those ladies at the Mirabilia stitching board put me to shame, serious shame. One of them, who shall remain nameless, has stitched TWO of the new Trick or Treat patterns in about one week. C'mon!!! Please see the issue above. I've had a WIP for the past 6 years and this chick is stitching two designs in a week?? More power to her!

So how 'bout you? Any dirty secrets to share?

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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Framing FREAK OUT-Have you been there?

OK, so I took the little SB Sheep to the framer. Tiny design, sweet, very tiny--oh, did I mention how tiny it is? I added the squiggles to it after all. I thought it came out cute.

I bring the little leaflet so I could make it look just as sweet as the talented ladies at SB made theirs look. Uh yeah right.

My framer and I are excitedly trying different mat colors (I had to do a triple mat of course) and I picked out a gorgeous white carved frame--key words here are "gorgeous" and "carved". So I think I'm done and she says "Let's see what we're up to!". She goes over to the computer and says, OK, we're up to $(deleted incase mom visits!) would you like the archival glass?

EXCUSE ME??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only do I NOT want the archival glass, but we need to do this all over again. Nice for me that she is a wonderful woman and was happy to help. I picked a much thinner American-made embossed frame (who knew carved Italian frames were so dang pricey?) and I was able to bring it down to 1/2 what she originally quoted. My gracious.

OK, so I worked on my PS fairy and she's almost done. I want to name her. She looks like Millie to me. I haven't settled on it yet. With framing prices what they are, Millie may be in the closet a while.

Have you seen this? I MUST have it! I borrowed this image from The Silver Needle, and I hope that's OK!

They made it into a treat bag too and it's so cool! Enjoy and happy stitching!