Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goblin Start, Stash, and Funny Convo

Funny conversation regarding the virtues of Thread Heaven:

Me: (opening a new container) Yaaayyyy!
DH: What's so exciting?
Me: Sparkles!
DH: What *is* that stuff on top?
Me: It's FUN, whaddya think?
DH: Yeah, but why is it there?
Me: You obviously don't get it.

The people who make this stuff get it though, because they are the ones that add the sparklies!

Yes, the sparkles have no purpose other than to amuse me. And they do. That's how easily I'm amused. I know, I'm a freak. Have you used this stuff? I love it. I don't usually use it with DMC, but for silks and overdyeds, it's a necessity for me.

Here's my start. Eleven days since my last blog entry and I realize I should have had this done already, lol. However, I just haven't had the dedicated stitching time I want. Just like the last design, this fabby is kind of yellow, but doesn't want to show up that way in a pic:

Just a few stash items. My friend Tracy gave me SamSarah's Jumping Jacks. Love those pumpkins! And I had to have the witchy design of course. Then I scored another BBD Loose Feather design off eBay. This is such a great design. I'm happy I won it!

Well, nothing else exciting happening. I'm gearing up for our annual vacation - July 11 - to Ocean City, MD, and we are so stoked! I need to start thinking about what stitching to take. I will either take the Prairie Schooler Garden Fairy (the only one I have left to stitch, out of 4) or another little Shepherd's Bush design for mom's birthday. We'll see! **ETA** Yes Judy, I do know about all those shops and also Sea Needles in Bethany Beach. Oh how I love to shop for cross stitch, but at the beach it's even sweeter!

Thx for all the great comments on my last post about the finish and the scrapbook tin. I had someone ask me to email instructions on how to complete the tin and I'll be happy to do that! Take care and until next time,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Stitchy Finish, Scrapbooking Finish, etc!

WHEW! The past couple weeks have been a whirlwind. Ever feel like you're just running in place, going nowhere fast, but there's so much happening around you? That's the past couple weeks for me. Getting my son through the end of school and wondering how I now have a 13 year old boy. Boggles the mind. That was last week, then we had the party, then he had dentist appointment, then he had a small surgical procedure on his face (I know!!). Had to have a small growth removed from his face and will have some follow up laser procedures. OY VEY. I'm tired.

I told you I finished With my Needle, and indeed I have. Here it is. These are outdoor pics so I'm sorry 'bout the shadows !

BlackBird Designs With My Needle
28 ct. Antique Cotton Linen
GAST Fibers

Oh, I also wanted to post my recent gift to my sister. She also has a June birthday and I wanted to give her something special, so I made her an altered tin album of some pics of us as kids and a couple recent ones too. She cried, which as you all know means.......SCORE!!!! :P She's the beautiful blonde!

Don't mind the little paws in the upper right hand corner. :p

I really love scrapbooking too. This little album uses a digital template from Shabby Miss Jen, which, if you are into digi scrapping at all, is a way awesome site. I just downloaded some Halloweenie type kits. FUN!

Now, what to stitch next? I thought maybe this. It's cute, right? Shepherd's Bush The Goblins. I can't resist a goblin! :

And no one need remind me I still have Halloween Fairy to finish up. Maybe I'll take this opportunity to work on her too. She's crying out to be finished before Halloween this year, after the fiber dye lot disaster of last year, lol. My goodness.

A very sweet lady, Joanne, was visiting my blog and saw I wanted Firefly Fairies:

So what did she do? She sent her copy to me! Joanne, you are an awesome lady and I can't wait to see your Cricket Boo Sheep progress. I think Joanne needs a blog too, in order to show it off. I don't believe she has one, but if you do Joanne, please let me know!! You are too sweet.

Today I scored my copy of Adam Lambert's Rolling Stone cover. I have to wait until all is quiet to read it. I'm so excited he's going to have an album out later this fall. Seriously, Adam fans, how cool is this cover?

And with that, I think I'll sign off before I blog your ear off (or your eyes out?). Have a great night and I'm looking SO forward to getting back to reading posts and see all the gorgeous things you're working on. Thanks for the b-day wishes for my boy. So sweet of you all! You guys really make my day.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drive by post!

I'm busy as a bee here. Seems time just flies by and I can't get a handle on it lately. I'm basically finished with my WIP - BBD With My Needle - and will post a photo for you tomorrow. My family is going to be visiting today to wish my son a happy b-day and we're trying to clean things up this morning. Should be nice weather for sitting out on the deck.

Have a wonderful Saturday and I'll be back soon with photos! Boy do I have alot of blogging to catch up on, lol. :P

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Stitchin' it Old Skool and BBD Update

Prairie School, that is! This is one of the first pieces I ever did for myself, waaaaaaaaaay back in the 80's (gasp!). It's still one of my favorites. It's the season houses from Prairie Schooler. I remember being so proud that I stitched it all on one piece of fabric and was able to keep all the spaces even between the houses, lol.

I'm *this* close to being done with BBD With My Needle. Only a few more letters to do and I'll have a finish. I have enjoyed this one, albeit quite leisurely! I just haven't been in a "stitch it fast" kind of mood. But I'm steady. Never give up, right? I'm sure you guys are sick of seeing this design :p I can promise you I'll be done this week.

Don't know what I'll pick next, but it'll either be a patriotic or a Halloween design. Of that I'm sure. I'm also itching to do a sewing project or a quilt. I'm really going to try to fit that in this summer.

So many of you commented on my header--thank you all! I just really enjoy working with Photoshop and pin up girls and other fun images. Pinup art is just one of those things I'm addicted to. I just love the appearance of the women in this type art. Not skinny, not perfect, but somehow just right. They all seem pretty happy, carefree and exude confidence. But all I can say is MAN, I wish I looked like that in a bathing suit!