Saturday, February 29, 2020

What a week. ER Visit and Christmastide update!

Boy oh boy. What a week it's been. First the stitching update. This was accomplished between last post and this past Wed evening around 5pm.

After that, my world went a bit sideways! Seems my gallbladder picked Wednesday night to tell me it was done. The pain was terrible. I thought initially it was heartburn, but 12 hours of immense, non-stop pain meant otherwise.

One trip to the E.R. coming right up! I arrived around 5:30 a.m. and by 3pm was in surgery to remove the pesky organ. Yeah, that was a loooooong time to wait with pain and adverse reactions to pain meds, etc.

Long story short, I'm home and eager to finish up this project, so I may put in a few stitches (no pun intended!) tonight and for sure tomorrow too.

I hope none of your week was as eventful as mine. And I hope to not have this happen again anytime soon. Last surgery I had prior to this was 2006. I had a good run, lol.

Have a great stitchy week! Until next time,

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Christmastide update!

The only snowflakes here are the ones I'm stitching myself. I cannot believe we've had ZERO snow. There was ONE day where it snowed for an entire morning, but the ground was so warm it just melted right away. That's it for this year I think.
I'm stitching snow, even though I'm longing for Spring weather and all the cute Spring stitching stuff I'm seeing for Market previews!

Here's my update!

Moving on down the pattern and enjoying it all. The reindeer are so much fun to stitch! I'm going to make one of them a reddish brown, which I saw someone else do.

Have you seen Knives Out? Mom and I saw it recently. We were lucky it was still in the theater. It was great! I heard they are coming out with a sequel. I'll have to catch that one too.

I hope everyone is having a good stitching weekend! I spent a good portion of the day today cleaning out my office bookcases and getting rid of some books that were just weighing me down and taking up space. I had read them once, liked them, but now what? Time to unload! Ever heard of Swedish Death Cleaning? I'm not quite there, but it sounds good. No one is gonna want my stuff when I'm gone!

Except the stitching stuff. I'm taking that with me.

Until next time,

Friday, February 14, 2020

Pretty crochet heart finish!

That pattern did NOT best me! I worked and worked and found that trying to do it all in just one color was the problem for me, at least initially. I made one for all the important ladies in my life, but forgot to snap a pic of the one I made for my mom, which was white and teal colors. So pretty!

Once you get going, it doesn't take long at all! I made several in quick succession.

My husband surprised me this morning with several items from my Amazon wish list. Among them, was a Scotch tape gun, and a point gun for framing! I ordered a frame recently from Hobby Lobby with the intention of doing everything myself. So we will see how that goes! Practice makes perfect I think and I hate to give up on something (even though I do it sometimes, lol).

I'll be sure to show my results and process on that. I'm never quite satisfied with what I get back from a framer. However, I never had a problem with the results from In Stitches, in Alexandria VA. They do a lovely job. But wow, is it expensive. Fantastic quality however.

I'm working on Christmastide this weekend, so hopefully have a good progress update soon!

I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Stitchy Update and Pretty Pink Crochet Heart

I was pleased to get just a tiny bit of stitching done on Christmastide. It was enough to make me realize I DO want to continue with it. Sometimes I get an itch to just abandon a project, and I did with this one too, but I have persevered!

Doesn't look like a lot, but those swirls gave me a fit. You gotta think about where to put the stitches, or just do half the stitch, so you can circle back and complete them. Can't wait to get this top done and move on to those cute little reindeer and house!

I also wanted to crochet something pretty for Valentine's Day. I started a pattern called Grandma's Heart, which you can find HERE.

I gotta tell you, this has confused me SO much. I don't think I'll be able to finish it based on my current level of confusion, but I thought the beginning of it was super cute!  If you happen to try it, I wish you luck, and maybe you could let me know what you think of the actual written pattern, and what I may be missing. I'm a pretty experienced crocheter, but this one may have bested me. I'm not giving up/in just yet. But I'm close. :)

This week is Valentine's Day, and I hope everyone has a good one-even if it's just by yourself. Sometimes, these holidays can make a person feel very lonely. But grab a friend and have a "Galentine's Day" lunch or take yourself to a movie!  By the way, my mom and I went to see Knives Out last week and I HIGHLY recommend! We loved it!

Until next time,