Sunday, February 21, 2021

I'm calling her DONE! Come see Fancey's Brooms!

I'm calling this one done! I left off the top and bottom borders. When working on linen, they have a tendency not to line up crisply after framing. I attempted the top border early on, but I hated stitching it. So there. LOL. Just to recap, I also replaced the pinwheels with various quaker motifs, which I really enjoyed doing.

Can't tell you how happy I am that she is done! I enjoyed her, but as usual, ready to move on to a new one. Being a monogamous stitcher is boring sometimes. I seem to move so slow at times, but as with everyone, it depends on what is going on in life (and my motivation). 

Keeping up with Project Life, I finished the first spread for Feb. Fancey even made an appearance!

The weekend has been sunny but cold. This week will be a little warmer. I want to put in a perennial bed this year, so I need to start sketching that out and deciding what I want to see out back. We thought we'd have a patio put in off of our deck but that hasn't happened yet, and I don't want to wait any more for flowers. I think I need moonflowers this year too.....

My little Jenny has to have surgery in a couple days (on Tuesday). She needs to have some lipomas removed from her side. This will be the third go-round for this type of thing. They just keep coming back. But we can't let it go, so surgery it is. She looks pitiful here, but she is still very spunky and ornery for being 14.5 yrs old. That's a Jack Russell for you!

I love this dog. She loves us all, but she's kind of a Momma's Girl. A real Princess and the Pea if you know what I mean. 

Hopefully every one of you is warm and has power. We have been very fortunate to have all our services without interruption. As much as I always enjoy seeing snow, I also long for warmer days, extended daylight and the possibilities that spring and summer bring.

Stay warm and see you soon with an update as soon as I figure out what I want to stitch next! Until then,

Monday, February 15, 2021

Fancey's Brooms Progress and Snow!

The time just flies by lately I swear! I hope everyone has been having a good start to their new year. I have not stitched too much the past few weeks, but I do have an update on Fancey's Brooms! I had another EPIC episode of frogging, followed by no problems! 

I need to complete the tops of the plants, and I may or may not do the top and bottom border. We'll see what this week holds. I'm happy with her, but want to move on as well.

I completed January for my project life 2021 scrapbook. I'm fleshing out Feb and will soon put the first two weeks of that in as well.

A bit of pandemic good news - 3/4 of my household now has their first dose of vaccine!!! This week my husband will receive his second dose and the week after, my son and his girlfriend. I am so thankful and relieved they will be protected as much as they possibly can be. I'm not in any of the first tier categories, so I'll have to wait my turn. But as soon as I can get it, I will. 

We have been treated to a couple of snowstorms the past two weeks! The most recent was this past weekend. There's just something about sitting inside and watching it come down. Jeff has been off from work for a while with knee surgery. He has a few more weeks to go before going back so I know it's been nice for him to just relax. He has managed to shovel his parents driveway still, which is nice.

I have some stash I've been meaning to post, but it'll wait until next time. I'm hoping to have Fancey wrapped up this week, and I'll be choosing my next start soon as well. 

Hopefully everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. I had the best one ever and it was a 2.5 hour game of Bob's Burger Monopoly while snacking on some yummy fondue my son's girlfriend made for us! What a great way to end the evening. 

See you back here soon, and until then,