Thursday, August 29, 2019

Thistles and Spells is DONE!

She's finally finished! Don't know why I said "finally" as this one hasn't actually taken that long. I'd have been done a few weeks ago if not for the little crochet lamb I got sidetracked with!

We are enjoying a break in the horrific heat we'd been dealing with and it's lovely. You can feel the seasonal shift, and we quietly move into my favorite time of year! Time for cleaning out, organizing, and setting goals. This is the time of year I focus on those things quite a bit. I've downloaded a few books I need to read and I want to accomplish some other goals as well.

I'll be back pretty soon I think, as I ponder what chart to take up next and gather some stash for sharing. I need to get my craft room cleaned up and organized. We've been here two years now and it's the one place that isn't fully taken care of yet.

Enjoy the outdoors if you can! Until then,

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Updates and frustration.

Hey there stitchy friends. August has not been kind. It's had it's good moments and bad. Let's see what I have tried to accomplish this month. First up, progress, and ALMOST a finish on Thistles and Spells. I just have the corner on the right to go! I got caught up with some crochet and have neglected this little one.

This is what got my attention and had me leave my beloved stitching for a couple weeks.

It's going to be a little lamb. We'll see when I'm done if he looks like one or not. And I'll post the link at that time to the shop I got the pattern from. I've learned a lot that I wanted to know how to do with this little thing, and it's been fun to learn something new.


I took a couple chances on Hobby Lobby for framing. I had the rabbit pattern framed for my mom and it turned out good, but they initially left the spacers out and had the glass pressing right on to the fabric. I had to take it back and tell them that needlework should never be framed that way. So, the guy there was so very nice and accommodating and he fixed it for me. Fine.

Then I took the below piece in. I couldn't wait to get this back and reminded them up front about the need for spacers. No problem. I pick it up yesterday and though it was finished nicely, and I loved the framing, etc., I could EASILY tell that it had not been stretched well enough and there were some "gappy" areas where the fabric was puffing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Geez. Really??! So I took it apart.

It was pinned quite nicely, but not stretched well enough. You may not be able to see it from the photo. I was mad. I'm just going to finagle with it myself and attempt to put it back together. UGH! I didn't notice it until closer inspection at home, but whatever. I need to try and do this myself more. I just am not satisfied. Maybe I'm too picky?

I am a member of several facebook groups regarding stitching, etc. And I see some people who say "Just back from the framers!" and the fabric is not well stretched. I'm thinking some of these people have spent probably hundreds of dollars and they don't notice??! I guess if they are happy, then it's all good, but I expect it to be straight and tight. Even if it's a small piece. I had been trying to avoid the time and expense of traveling to Alexandria to In Stitches (framing is outrageous, but I guess you get what you pay for!).

If I can get this pinning down well enough, I'm just going to order all the other stuff and assemble it myself. I can't stand when it's not right.

August is my and my mother's birthday month. We celebrated at a nice place in Fredericksburg that we go to for special occasions. My son and Tiara came to dinner as well and we had a nice time. My mom is the best, plain and simple.

I've gained a lot of weight back and am not happy with myself again. Time to get back on track. The last couple years have been unpleasant in many ways, but I have lots of good in my life even so, and I need to remember that, always!

Take care and I'll be back soon with some good updates hopefully! Until then,