Saturday, May 29, 2010

Peeking back in with a new design!

Wow, where did the time go? I've never not updated for this long! As I mentioned previously, I had some family responsibilities to attend to, and that is wrapping up now, thank goodness. :-)

So, here's the design I've recently sent out - Wynter Sampler. And yes, I know the correct spelling of "Winter", but wanted to spell this a little differently. Just for fun, you know? I'm stitching another design now as well. Hopefully this one won't be 6 months in the making (finishing), lol.

So, what's everyone been up to? I've lost touch a bit with blogging and need to get back into it! It keeps me stitching, that's for sure. I'm sure everyone has been doing alot more stitching than I have lately. Gotta get in gear!

Thanks for stopping in and have a safe and stitchy Memorial Day weekend!!