Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snowman Update and SAL

I've got a few things to cover today. Seems like when I am working, I only get around to updating my blog about once a week. That's good for me right now I think. I'll have a several month break coming up starting next week and I plan to get alot more stitching in! For now, here's my Red Snowman progress. He's nearly done. I gotta take this opportunity to tell you how much I hate those little stitches in the middle of nowhere-like the flower on his hat. Anchoring those are my least favorite thing to do EVER, lol.

I had a couple people mention the fabric bleeding onto the thread. I use Thread Heaven to coat the silk floss prior to stitching and have not had that problem at all. But I did stupidly try to steam iron it (prior to stitching) and have a nice red stain on my ironing board! Yeah, I know. :p

Now, here's my first submission for the Totally Useless SAL. Yep, it's an ort jar. Not alot in there because I'm working on the snowman, which is a kit and I'm pretty careful with waste.

I was generously given two awards! One is from Melissa over at Words and Blooms and the second one is from Cindy at LoneStar Stitcher.

Both these ladies have great blogs--go visit and leave some love. Oh, and check out Cindy's TO DIE FOR craft room. It's straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog I swear!

I'll have to think of some ladies to pass this on to, but honestly, every stitcher I interact with would be deserving! There are some seriously FABU blogs out there. I've been dealing with colds and broken bones (see previous post) and I'm worn out! But I'm hoping next time I post, it will be with a finish! Until then,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The reason I've not stitched alot this week....

Oh, yes he did. Broke his ankle in two places. Gotta love skateboarding.

This happened Wednesday afternoon. I heard the scream and thought "Nah, that's not my kid." Uh YEAH, it was! Poor boy. Somehow, we have to figure out how he's going to play his double bass in a concert this week. Should be fun.

Only yesterday did I manage to do a bit of stitching. Or was it the day before? The past few days have been a complete blur. Here's some pitiful progress on my poor snowman. I think the little flowers are so pretty.

I'm off today to try and get him out of the house to maybe go to lunch and let his Granny fawn all over him. ;) Oh, he'll hate that, won't he? Tonight, I'd like to get more stitching done. We'll see! Have a great stitchy week everyone, and I promise to get caught up on all your beautiful blogs very soon.....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Snowman and Headache Fairy updates

I never thought I'd see the day. My dear hubby drove me up to In Stitches today, a great needlework shop, and I thought I spied a familiar dye lot of Dandelion Stem. I was almost afraid to examine it more closely. See, I have had this fairy in progress since, oh, about months and months ago! So I dared to buy it, and guess what? IT MATCHES! Now I can finish this baby up. I took her off my WIP list because I thought I might actually have to toss it out. It's a perfect match. This ordeal really turned me off to kits for the most part.

Whew. This has saved me some gray hair-not much, but some. I had ripped out some stitches to provide Sharon Crescent with a sample. I never got a response from her and now have to stitch back what I removed, but hey, at least I can now complete her, right? All the other skeins I tried were a yellow dirty green. But this is a nice Spring time shade of green.

I've been SO darn sick this week, I hardly got any stitching in, but I did get some of the pudgy dude's belly done. It'll look so prety once the roses and other specialty stitch is completed on him.

I need to get caught up on my blogging by visiting all my buddies. Thanks to everyone who is a "follower". Every once in a while I go to visit someone and am mortified I'm not "following"! I fix it when I notice that. It's such a nice feeling to have friends out there in cyber land. Take care and happy stitching this weekend! Until next time,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shepherd's Bush Start

I knew as soon as I saw Miss Jane's preview of the new SB Purple Snowman, that I had to start my Red Snowman. She also showed her own Green Snowman, stitched to perfection, which sealed the deal. So I started in earnest!

I love him already.

I'm glad I started on him. But, note to self: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, even entertain the idea that you might be able to steam out a wrinkle on that Cranberry Bog fabby and not wind up with red stain on your ironing board!! Been there, done that. :p

Ever watch Gordon Ramsey in Hell's Kitchen? Honestly, I love that man. Well my husband thinks I need to start a stitching reality show (since I'm so particular about my stitching) called "Hell's Craft Room". It would go something like this--me bullying a bunch of stitching ladies around (and if you watch Gordon, you'll know what I mean) and the conversation snippets would be much like..............

"You call THAT a french knot??!"

"Those backstitches should have been ready 10 minutes ago!!!!"

"What do you mean you don't know the difference between Au Ver A Soi and Weeks Dye Works??!!"

"Put that stitching down and GET OUT!!!!"

He had me LOL with all the stuff he was coming up with. I just previewed the mild. Gordon can cut you to the quick with his words, but I would never do that to a fellow stitcher. Just don't come 'round me with shoddy stitching and we never have to find out, do we? Heeee.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I am in heaven with this SNOW!

This snow is glorious! You have to understand my excitement here--we've not had this much snow in THIRTEEN years! Yep, since 1996. I was pregnant last time it snowed like this, lol. And now, he's nearly a teenager. I really would love to move somewhere where it was like this for a couple months of the year. It's not gotten above 25 degrees or so today, and yet, it's going to be SIXTY FIVE this weekend! Ahhhh, Virginia in winter. You never know if you need flip flops or snow boots.........

Now, I need to find something to stitch. Have a great night!