Sunday, January 26, 2020

Crochet Baby Hat

I made a list of goals for this year, and I am knocking them out, which surprises me! I went to a sweet little holiday craft market in early December with my mom, and I may want to have a table of my own this year, so I am doing a bit of crocheting in preparation. I made a couple more little tiny baby hats and here is one of them!

Crocheting is so much fun. Something about working with a snuggly or pretty and soft yarn. And at the end I'm like "WOW! I really made that!"  I feel the same way about cross stitch to a different extent, but yes, the same.

Hard to believe January is nearly over, isn't it? I haven't been feeling too swift this month, but I think it was a couple colds just making me miserable. The weather has been just unseasonably warm and I don't think that helps things either.

Be back soon with a Christmastide update. I hope everyone is getting some stitching done!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Drive by update!

Slowpoke update! Work has been crazy busy and there have been doc and dentist appointments, so this is it so far.

I did indeed pull the "t" out and am doing it again. But otherwise, I am on to the next snowflake, which shouldn't take long, if I actually put the time in!

Not much else happening in craft land here. Catching up on some shows and trying to fit in time to go to a movie soon. I have Monday off from work so I'll probably spend a good part of the weekend stitching or something else crafty related.

I hope you all are making more progress than me with your stitching! Have a wonderful weekend, and until next time,

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Christmas Catch Up and a Pitiful Pineberry Lane Christmastide update

Here's my SUPER SLOW update on Christmastide. This will be so pretty when it's done. I've switched up the colors already, to go with the gray fabric, and when I'm done, I will make note of those conversions for anyone who might be interested.

The actual fabric color seems to have a bit more blue to it, but I can't get it to read very well with a phone camera. I love my phone camera, but I think we lose something in the translation. I might experiment with going back to my old Nikon for a while.

My kiddos bought me some stash for Christmas! Actually it was my son's sweet girlfriend. She asked about my wish list and I sent it to her and received these lovlies.

Are you kidding me with this sunflower design??!!  My goodness. That is such a happy, warm, sunshiney design I can't stand it. It's just the cutest thing. And the hearts on the chimneys?! Love.

Anyone else have holiday burnout? I enjoyed it, but I'm feeling less friendly towards Christmas every year. So much pressure to buy, buy, buy. We were lucky enough to have the whole family come over for dinner and exchange gifts. It was really nice. I'm sure everyone went home and slept well! As nice as it was, there is something great about getting back to a regular routine, isn't there?

This is one of those gifts that was really meaningful. I ordered this for my mom. It's my grandmother's (her mom's) recipe for a Lady Goldenglow cake. It turned out better than I expected. Gotta love Etsy. I am going to get one for myself also at some point this year.

I made the Flourless Chocolate Cloud Cake for Christmas dessert. It was gone in about 5 minutes. If you haven't tried it, make it this year. You will not be disappointed!

Three days after Christmas, we celebrated my husband's birthday. We went out to our local restaurant with my in-laws and the kiddos and had a nice dinner. The kids bought him a gourmet Oreo cake, for which I was very thankful. They really are sweet and thoughtful.

Overall, good holiday season, but glad to be back to "normal", whatever that is!

I hope everyone gets off to a good start and you crush all your goals, crafty ones and otherwise!

Back soon with a hopefully less pitiful update on my Pineberry Lane wip!  Until then,