Monday, January 10, 2011

What I did this Fall-Lancaster PA, Amsterdam, Holland and Adam

Well, I've been absent a while. That's mostly because 2010 was a lost year for me as far as stitching goes. Back in October, my mom and my sis and I went to Lancaster for the needlework show. The city was nice, and it didn't rain every single second of the trip like it did last year. I did buy a few things, but was overall disappointed with the show. I know the individual vendors work very hard, but there were even fewer this year it seemed. Apparently, no more needlework shows in Lancaster, so this was the last year for us.

Halloween was great. I broke tradition and went with Bride of Frankenstein this year.

Now for November. November was so fantastic, I barely have words to describe. I made arrangements in September to go and MEET ADAM LAMBERT in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Ha! Yep, I did. Craziest thing I have ever done in my entire life. The opportunity arose and I couldn't say no. I went for 2 days, BY MYSELF, but the overall trip took 4 days. The concert was to be November 24, 2010 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, and I held a VIP backstage meet and greet pass. Unbelievable. So, here's a couple pics from my trip.

The VIP meeting was incredible and I met some really great people. I wish I could do it again. On my first day there (be damned the jet lag!), I made a full day of it and took a canal boat tour and went to the Anne Frank House. Incredible, the whole thing. Here's a few pics of concert night. The building is the Paradiso, where the concert was held. Then of course, there's Adam in the beginning number. Finally, I had to take a self portrait that night, because he said he loved my eye makeup. Now, people...when Adam Lambert says he loves your eye makeup, THAT is a compliment, lol.  Of the three Glam Nation Shows I saw last year, Amsterdam was the one that rocked the most.  Seriously, it was over the top, insane.

And then this of course.

I hate that my face looks all squishy, but it was squished in that moment, and you know what? I LOVED every second of it. :-)  Remember the scene in "A Christmas Story" where Ralphie goes to the top of the mountain to sit on Santa's lap?  They swirl him around, sit him down, he gets all goofy and then POOF, they send him down the slide?  Yeah, it was a bit like that.  Come to think of it, it was almost exactly like that!

Don't know what happened to me in 2010! Every time I turn around, I'm promising to stitch more, and then I never do.  I want to do so much, however this past year had me occupied with other things.  Here's to more stitching, hopefully! I really hope everyone is stitching away, or whatever you wish to be doing, and making lots of new goals for the New Year. Maybe I'll post later this week a few items I got at Lancaster. Honestly I haven't purchased hardly anything!

p.s. Hey, did they do something weird to Blogger in the past few months?  Seems I had to size my pics really strangely in order to get them all to be full and not cut off!