Saturday, February 28, 2009

Santa Corn Ornie Finish

Another ornie finish! This one was really quick. I can tell you that I had some trouble with the corners on this ornie. Can anyone tell me if there is a trick to corners? It seems so bulky to turn a corner on this when whip-stitching it closed with the beads. I'm taking that bell off too. After finishing, it kind of went wonky.

Santa Corn by Cricket Collection
28 ct.Mystery Linen over 2
DMC Threads/craft beads/ribbon

Thank you for taking a peek! Now, do I pull out something new or work on Gathering Eggs?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Sheep are Finished!

These were fun, but I didn't groove on the wooly thread too much. Overall, I am pleased with the result. I couldn't find white jingle bells at my local JoAnn's, so I used silver. I also had to substitute a gray wool thread for the original Taupestone, which I think would have looked much better.

The Cricket Collection Leaflet #225

Wichelt 28 ct. Star Sapphire Linen over 2

A couple very sweet people asked how I was going to finish this. It's pretty small, but I think I want it under glass and frame, so that's probably what I'll do with it. It would make a cute long pillow however! But I'm leaning towards framing. For now, it's in the "finished" drawer with some other pieces.

I need to get cracking on my ornament for this month for the ornie challenge, and I'm guessing since I have such little time left, it will be another simple one like last month, lol! Hmmm, guess I know what I'll be doing tonight! Actually I wanted to do the "Santa Corn" design that is on the leaflet with the sheep. It's really cute and pretty small, so maybe I'll attempt that. Thanks for stopping by to peek at my finish. I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Opposite of De-stashing

Yep, I bought more than I stitched this week. HOWEVER, all these have been on my "to purchase" list for a looooong time! And can I just say that I adore Ebay?? I mean, c'mon! I always look for good deals on there and here are a few I'd like to share from this past week.

There's "Love Letter" from Full Circle Designs. It came with beads the the little love letter button. I snagged it for $5. I got (yes)another sheep design from Sisters and Best Friends, "Cold Toes, Warm Heart". This is another one I had previously sold while destashing and missed terribly. I'll stitch them this year. Then there's my favorite Stacy Nash Primitives Design, "Hallow's Eve Sampler Pillow", which I will not be making into a pillow! I got this for an incredible $2. Don't ask me how. I just bid and left it and won. Yaayyy me!

Here's a detail of the little letter button.

Now, there are times I lust and yearn for certain designs and a couple BlackBird Designs Loose Feathers fit that bill. Remember how you had to sign up for these babies? Well, I never did and will suffer eternally for it. BUT, I did snag one of my two favorite ones, "With My Needle", for under $6. I've seen them go for ridiculous prices on Ebay, but this time I happened to luck out.

If anyone out there would be willing to part with "Moon Garden", please let me know!

Now, I have to catch up on all your lovely blogs, becuase I know one thing---you ALL have been stitching, and posting, more than me this week, lol!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Stash and Sheep in Here!

I picked up some stash at my LNS yesterday. She had a 20% off everything sale and I got a couple things I'd had my eye on. Nothing big. It was, however, a different direction for me, as I purchase SO much Halloween stichiness! I love the little SamSarah doggie. Isn't he cute? I also picked up a Shepherd's Bush heart, and a grab bag of fabby, 28 ct. linen, for only $5!

Here's a bit of stitchy progress on the sheep. I just had to move on to the snowflakes because the wool was taxing my brain, lol. I'm nearly done with this one, and the last little sheepie is just begging to be finished.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great stitchy week!