Sunday, November 29, 2020

A week off and not much stitching!

I had the whole past week off and it was SO NICE! I walked at the park a couple times with my mom, spent time decorating for Christmas, and had a lovely Thanksgiving with the two kiddos and my hubby. 

 So relaxing and nice. Cooking still took most of the day, even though it was only us! It was worth it though, as it always is.

I did work on Fancey Blackett a tiny bit. I didn't sit at my desk too much because it's what I do all week anyways and I rather enjoyed being unshackled from it last week. At least I had some progress.

I just love the detail of one of the "O's" being different with that little Algerian eyelet. It's so cute.

A little side note on this pattern if you are going to stitch it. The upper right smoke swirl--I noticed that the printed pattern had it closer than the one on the outermost left side to the nearest other swirl. I studied the printed pattern and realized something---the stitched pattern photo had it RIGHT, and the printed pattern was off.  So if you stitch this pattern, just move that top RIGHT swirl (above the "S") over two stitches, and you'll be fine. You'll be fine even if you don't, but if you want the swirls to be evenly spaced, like they are intended to be from the photo, then just bump it over two.

 Thanksgiving night, I got the itch to start a new crochet project. I've been starting some and not finishing them, which isn't my style really, but here's a new start! It's the Journey Blanket Scarf, from Ravelry. It's a super fun stitch too.

Please forgive the little doggie hairs. Everything I stitch or crochet seems to have doggie hair in it. That's just my life, lol. And it has been my life for nearly 30 years now! 

I'll leave you with a pretty pic of a walk my mom and I took at the park yesterday. It was just beautiful. It's been so mild here in VA. I think it's going to be over 70 here tomorrow. So strange. But with this pandemic, it makes things like eating outside so much nicer. And I am enjoying getting out comfortably this late in the season.

I truly do have so much to be thankful for. But this year has really stretched me to my limits. The numbers of people infected with Covid and the deaths in this country are truly outrageous. It seems I'm always in a state of shock that the best that America can do is to be the worst in the world. It is shameful. 

Please take care of yourselves and each other out there. Do what is required to keep you and your family safe. You do not want this disease. You do not want a family member to get it either. It's devastating.

OK enough of that. Keep on stitching and crafting and do whatever makes you happy in life! Enjoy the sunshine and warmth if you have it, and appreciate the beauty of the cold and snow if that is what you are having now as well. Be back next time hopefully with that cute cauldron finished, if I have enough time to work on it!

Until then,

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Anniversary and Fancey Blackett Conversion takes shape!

I've changed up the pinwheels on Fancey Blackett's Brooms to quaker symbols! I thought it would look pretty and I'm loving the results! What do you think?

 I don't know if I'll fill in those two left side symbols with anything. Still trying to decide! Fun design to work on.

My mom and I traveled to In Stitches yesterday to pick up my Giving Sisters by Notforgotten Farm. They do a spectacular job on everything. I have never been disappointed with their framing. They are meticulous! Framing is so very expensive, so when you get something back you want it perfect!

Please forgive the glare. It's impossible to get a photo without it! Just look at how perfectly straight those borders are! I'm not confident enough to pin linen, or lace it, even though I want to learn. But WOW, was I super happy with those borders, lol. Such a beautiful job, and a beautiful design!

I hope to work my way down to Fancey's cauldron this week, if work allows. It's been brutal! But I always have my stitching on my desk and my Ott lamp is always on, in case I finish up and have a few minutes to put some stitches in. It truly does help my outlook on things.

We celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on the 8th! As my mom likes to say, "that's nothing to sneeze at!". We went to our favorite restaurant for dinner that we go to once a year, and had an really nice time. The weather was just gorgeous!

Time to plan out Thanksgiving dinner for just us and the kiddos. Sadly things will be different this year, but no way I'm taking chances with our parents. I just cannot. But, some turkey and cookies will probably be headed their way when it's all done!

Stay well and safe, and I'll be back soon with a Fancey update! Until then,

Thursday, November 5, 2020

A post-Halloween update and election week

Happy post-Halloween! I worked on Fancey Blackett's Brooms this week and here's my progress so far! 


I'm in love with the linen color and mottling. And I'm in love with that simple and prim Fancey Blackett. This is a really fun stitch so far. She is so cute.

Halloween was really subdued. We had way less than half the Trick or Treaters as we normally do, which is great considering the horrific pandemic numbers we have in this country. The full moon was beautiful and the weather was chilly but mild. We had pumpkins to carve, and fun foods to eat. All in all, I'm thankful.

I'm kind of looking forward to T-giving, in that it will be a bit less stressful than having everyone over. BUT, not looking forward to not being able to have everyone over. Does that make sense? I don't want that to be an event where anyone gets sick. Hopefully next year we will be able to do it. 

I did send the deposit for our beach vacation next year, so I'm a little optimistic about where we might be by that time. Fingers crossed. And speaking of fingers crossed, I'm hoping the election will be finished by tonight. My stomach has been in knots since Tuesday. 

I hope everyone gets some stitching in during this stressful week/weekend. And I will see you soon with a Fancey Blackett update!

Until then,