Thursday, May 6, 2021

BBD Update aka Slowpoke Check-In!

Oh boy am I not getting much stitching done lately. Here is some progress though.

Work has been unpredictable, and we have had a family member in and out of the hospital quite frequently so my thoughts are elsewhere sometimes. Stitching just hasn't been in the forefront of activities the past couple months. Life is like that sometimes!

My mom and I went to pick up some things from the framer and Flag Folk was worth the wait! The other is Cricket Collection and I think it was called Do You Hear What I Hear, but I'll check on that to be sure and update if need be.

During a recent drive, my husband and I were delighted to see the goats out with their new babies! Baby goats are so cute.

The weather has been up and down but mostly just gorgeous and mild. I am loving it and trying to enjoy it as I can. Hopefully you are too! 

I need to make a goal of getting back to a weekly update. I don't know where April went! So I will be back in a week or less with another update. Have a great stitch week, and until next time,