Monday, April 20, 2020

Cabin Fever Stitching, etc.

This is getting tough. There are so many things I miss. Going out to eat with my mom, my son's girlfriend (Tiara), and shopping pop ins to Home Goods and Marshalls. I'm trying. I'm trying very, very hard to appreciate the fact that none of us are sick at this time, and that the hardest thing I have to do is to not go anywhere. But it is getting to me. How about you? Are you dealing with it all OK? Give me some tips if you have them.

I got the leaf branch nearly done on Flag Folk.

I have loved this design for so long--started it last year on a different colorway of my own dyed fabric, but didn't like it as much as this one. It's an enjoyable stitch thus far!

I spent the weekend trying to get my spare bedroom in shape. All my crafty stitchy stuff was all over the place. I put away all the stash charts I acquired the past year (yep, I said year). I reorganized nearly all my DMC floss. Next up is coming up with a good storage method for left over specialty flosses. Again, if you have any ideas, let me know.

While filing away my floss, I came across a few groupings of floss that I have NO IDEA what to do with. I know I purchased them for certain projects, but now--it's anybody's guess.

Oh my, what have I done? I looked and looked, and can't decipher what they go to. That's three separate groups, purchased at different times and set aside for some project. Ha!

A bit more recent stash to show. Hey, I can't go out and buy any Rae Dunn, so here I sit, browsing through my stash unload groups and when something pops up I can't live without, I get it. It makes me happy.

I have been searching for Moon Garden for probably 10 years. I could never justify paying what it was going for on ebay-ever. I scored a very nice, new, chart for a great price and couldn't turn it down. I already had all the supplies kitted up, just waiting for the day when it happened. Though, now that I think of it, I recently scored a large piece of black Heatherfield fabric and might do it on that! I bought it for another project, but Moon Garden might need it instead!

I used to LOVE Heatherfield fabric. I'd love to see Wichelt start to produce it again. They had so many wonderful colors and my favorites were the ones with the multi-colored specks in the fabric. I have a few things framed that I did on Heatherfield. I'll take some pics soon and talk about that great fabric.

Try to stay sane out there. And wear your masks. I have some bandanas on order from Hobby Lobby, and purchased a good number of hair elastics to use the fold over technique for simple mask wearing. I didn't have much luck with sewing them, but may give it another go. I saw a doctor say that one of the best "filters" for the mask is just a folded up paper napkin (think Bounty). So, using bandanas will easily allow for that until I can do something better.
Keep safe and well, and until next time,

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Flag Folk update and some Stash!

I worked on my Flag Folk this weekend. I absolutely love it on my hand dyed fabric!

I also picked up some stash from my stash unload groups. I always get excited about stash!

Now, see that Mirabilia? I have the magazine/color version, but I felt the need to have the black/white chart too. I also have that project about 3/4 of the way complete--back from 2007. I am not going to keep it, because I'm not happy with a LOT of the stitching. So maybe I will give it another go! Or not. LOL.

I do love those Told In A Garden ones too. There is just something about those patterns that I adore. The homey-ness, or simplicity of life depicted in them. They just speak to me.

Easter dinner was super simple tonight, with Stouffer's meatloaf and mashed potatoes and green beans in a microwave bag! I have felt ready to go back to bed all day with the pollen being so high, or maybe it's just cabin fever. I made myself stitch though and for that I'm happy! Also being with my kiddos makes me happy. They probably can't wait to bust out of here, but for now, I am enjoying having them here all the time.

Take care of yourselves and loved ones. Until next time,

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Flag Folk update and birthday fun!

I have a modest start on my second go-round of Flag Folk by Notforgotten Farm. I did not stitch the yellow circle thing in the blue area of the flag. For some reason, I could not get that to look right and the stitches looked kind of fuzzy after a couple attempts. I think it looks OK just blue. I switched out the WDW Dolphin with DMC 926. I also swapped out WDW Terracotta for DMC 3777.

My son's beautiful girlfriend turned 23 yesterday! Oh to be 23 again! I made a larger version of the hanging basket in one of the skeins of gorgeous pink T-Shirt yarn my mom got me (show in the post below this one).

That yarn was much more difficult to crochet with than yarn! I enjoyed doing it, but needed ibuprofen for my old hands and shoulders, lol. It was totally worth it though!

Also made the Chocolate Cloud Cake that everyone loves. It turned out wonderfully.

I made authentic chicken fried rice and the three of us had a wonderful dinner and dessert! The weather was really pretty too. Love these kiddos.

Well, it's been another week of bad news and rising infection in this country. It's pretty surreal. I won't be gracing WalMart's doors any time soon. They have instituted a policy where they let a certain number of people in the store and everyone else waits outside. Then it's one in, one out. I hope Target doesn't do that. Or regular grocery stores. I think vacation is cancelled this year as well. Not happy, but what can you do when there's a global pandemic? Nothing. Just wait it out and try to stay safe.

Stay comfy and safe, and take care of yourselves. Hopefully you are getting lots of stitching and home cooking done. All that would be great if not for the existential dread, wouldn't it?

Until next time,