Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Autumn in flux

 Well, what a couple of weeks it has been. Not enough good going on. And not much actual stitching!

I am REALLY trying to finish my Pineberry Lane Oct. 31 into a little ditty bag to hang over a doorknob or something. But I'm having a tough time sewing the binding around the edge at the top. Here is a bit of an idea of what I'm working with currently.

The opening is too small to fit in my sewing machine, so I have to do it by hand. UGH! I don't get a lot of enjoyment out of hand sewing, but I really want this done, so I'll either sew it or glue it, lol. The Pineberry Lane instructions were for just a square pocket, but I liked the look of a curved bag, so there you are. Wish me luck on this one. 

I started joining my puff daisy flowers. I'm going to make this into a mat for my dresser top. The joining is going great, but I'm not looking forward to weaving in all those ends!

They are SO pretty! I have a bit more progress on these since I took the pic a couple days ago, but I'm being lazy and not taking another.

We took some time to go buy mums at a local nursery, and there are so many beautiful late season and in season flowers still available. I want to get my perennial garden underway by next year. We have to do a couple things in our backyard, and then we will get going on it.

That might be the only thing I miss about my previous home-my perennial gardens. But when I get this one done, I won't miss it anymore!

Vote early if you can. My son and I went to vote last Friday as soon as it opened, and we were the only ones there (we live in a pretty rural area though). Feels good to get it over and done with. 

Stay safe everyone. Be good to eachother. Take in the Autumn.Until next time,

Friday, September 11, 2020

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Slow like Molasses update!

I am so slow lately. And I just had a 4 day weekend last weekend. Not much stitching done, as you can see. 

Slow as molasses it seems. Progress is progress!

I re-visited the crochet daisy puffs, and have been stocking up on them when I go to bed at night. I'll do 3 or six of them a nigh. I plan to make a dresser scarf of sorts with them. Hopefully it'll work out!

These colors are so yummy. Now that I've gotten the hang of them, they are really fun to make!

Made a couple additions to my witchy wall in my bedroom. I'm just adding things I love and going from there.

Let me talk about my favorite things! The print below is the Sanderson Sister's cottage from Hocus Pocus. It's hard to see here, but there are there tiny brooms (one is a vacuum!) to the left and Thackery Binx on the front stoop.

The print below is of the Owens house from Practical Magic. You don't wanna know how much I love this movie.

The next one up is a one of a kind. My son's girlfriend painted this for me last year and I received it as a Christmas gift! I was so shocked and delighted to open this! I knew I wanted to feature it with a print of the home they lived in, and I went about hunting for just the right one.

Those lovely prints are by Emily of Fox Burrow Designs. If you have traveled or love movies and books, I highly suggest you check out her stuff. She has homes from all kinds of movies, travel art and other goodies. I know I'll be buying something else from her soon, I just don't know what!

This isn't a paid advertisement either. I just love her stuff. She has a sale going from now until 9/15 where you can get 30% off with code “birthday30” !!

I sincerely hope everyone is well and happy. I will check back soon, and I wanna have a finish next week. We'll see! Until next time,