Sunday, January 24, 2021

Vaccines, Setbacks, and Hopefulness

I'm trying to give this 2021 thing a shot. I really am. LOL. I had to frog this area TWICE, and gave up for a week or so I think. I was just off on my counting, and not feeling too well. This is reality.

I finally got back on track, and have worked my way out of the miscounting mire, but not enough to post a pic. 

During the past few years, I had given up on my Project Life scrapbooking. Truth be told, it was too painful at times to even work on it. Losing relationships leaves a big hole in your life, as well as things like scrapbooking. And although it can be cathartic to document it (and I have), it can also just be like rubbing salt in an open cut, and I just avoided it for a while. But I'm back to doing it, and after the horror of this past year, I'm hoping it will make me feel better. I also ordered a couple new albums and some supplies online and the bit of retail therapy also made me feel better.

I felt like I didn't know where to begin with it. Being out of the creative loop for a while will do that. So I'm keeping it simple and just trying to focus on enjoying the process and capturing some memories.

My husband is the first in the household to get his covid vaccine! He received the initial dose of the Moderna shot, and goes back in 3 weeks for the follow up. 

Hopefully the new administration can iron out some of the awful problems with the rollout of this thing, and have it running smoothly in (hopefully) short order. Fingers crossed for everyone out there.

My mom and I went to In Stitches yesterday!!!!! No pics, but I promise, we were there! We got up and went early and I took two pieces to be framed. She was so sweet as to purchase my framing, and I'm telling you, it ain't cheap. They do such a fabulous job however. I can't wait to see them come back!

I just haven't been doing much else with the month of January. I haven't crocheted anything. I had a setback on my stitching-see above-and I've just been feeling pretty bad for a month or so. Got a doc appointment tomorrow and my husband is having knee surgery on Tuesday. Wish us luck! LOL.

Take care and I'll be back soon with some better stitching updates, and a bit of stash. Until then,

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Well, it's a New Year.

Well, it is a New Year. I can't bring myself to add the "Happy" on to that. I just can't. Especially after yesterday. I will however, update on my progress on Fancy's Brooms. Here ya go. 

 My kiddos were so good to me over Christmas. Lots of thoughtful and lovely gifts. My favorite part of it however, was cooking up a simple breakfast with my family in the kitchen. It was good for my soul. I love 'em so much. I don't think they will ever know how much. 

That's it guys. I don't have it in me for more. I hope you all had a wonderful and lovely holiday season and I hope you are getting some stitchy time in. If not, make time. It's healing for sure.

See you soon with maybe a finish on this thing, lol. Until then,