Saturday, February 23, 2019

Stitchy update and CAKE!

Three weeks gone and here is my progress on Goodflorastitchwort's Oh the Miles!

Doesn't look like much from last time, right? Wellllllllll, I STITCHED THE WHOLE DANG THING OVER AGAIN and now I'm a good bit beyond where I initially left offf when the "incident" happened. Yay, me. LOL. My other piece didn't fare too well with the washing, etc. Oh well, lesson learned!

Now to share one of the most wonderful recipes I've ever made. It's called Chocolate Cloud Cake by late author/cook, Richard Sax. My boss made this for our annual holiday meeting at her house and we were all amazed. It's flourless! I'd never made my own whipped cream either and it was so fun!

It's almost better after a night of refrigeration. So make this recipe and impress your family and friends! It worked for me!

I have been so excited to see all the new and fun things coming out at The Nashville Needlework Market. I know of at least 10 things I HAVE to have. I'm sure you have too!  My mom and I will be making a date to go to Woodlawn Plantation for the needlework show, and afterward we always hit up the local shop, In Stitches. Such a fun time!

Enjoy your upcoming week and I hope everyone is getting lots of stitchy time in.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Well, hello there February.

Happy February! Let me make myself feel better by showing you my current project progress on Oh the Miles, by Goodflorastitchwort. I am loving this project by the way.

I say "make myself feel better" because about 30 minutes ago, I attempted to sit and stitch, and sat down with a half frozen Diet Coke I brought inside from my car. Horrible idea. I barely twisted the cap AT ALL, and it spewed everywhere, including my beautiful new start!!!!  UGH! I took it off the snaps and used seltzer water on it. It's out drying on the dining room table, so I hope all will be well in the morning.

Tomorrow will be two years since we lost our Jim. He is so missed. It's been a travesty that the past two years has been taken up with so much family nonsense and drama and outrageous behavior. It has prevented those of us closest to him from grieving as needed, and caused so much trouble. This year, I intend to try and honor him, and what he meant to us. He wanted certain things for us, and he encouraged me in everything I ever wanted to do. So, this year, I will try again to make him proud by finishing the things I started, continue with goals I plan, and just be happy with the simple things.

My mom, Jim and my son, J.R. at Ocean City MD 1998

Hope you all are staying warm wherever you are and enjoy the company of your loved ones and all your sweet stitching projects. Until next time,