Saturday, October 31, 2009

Have a Magical Halloween !

I'd like to go fishing
for a star
and send it to you
wherever you are

To wrap you once more
in the spells of the night
and fill all your senses
with awe and delight

To make you a pirate
or perhaps a queen
To experience the magic
of Halloween

To capture again
the mystery and surprise
As can only be seen
Through a small child's eyes

-Nancy Hughes

I hope everyone enjoys a magical holiday. Remember all your loved ones, and especially those absent from this world.....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lancaster Update and Stash

Better late than never! Lancaster was pretty fun. It rained. It was really relaxing and the Marriott in Lancaster is just gorgeous. It rained. I'm used to Hershey Lodge though and was disappointed there weren't more places to eat in the hotel (or a fireplace!). It rained. But being there with my mom and sis was great. It rained. We shall not speak about the spilled water incident however....oh, and did I mention it RAINED??!! Not for an afternoon, not for a couple days either. It was freezing cold and rained the entire time, lol. I had been all set to take capris and flippy flops until the last minute. Brrrrr! Made for cozy sleeping however! And I was just so thankful to have that uninterrupted time with my two main gals. Talking, laughing, eating, shopping. Yeah, doesn't get much better, does it?

Seems I see fewer and fewer vendors at these shows over the years. Anyone remember the Spirit of Cross Stitch gigs? Whoa, now, those shows were incredible. My feet hurt from walking so much and my eyes were blurry from all the goodness to see, but I guess with the internet, there's not such a need to spend the money and go show stuff off. I managed to get some things I didn't have yet though! That's the Shepherd's Bush green snowman in the back.

Now, you can't tell, but amidst all the pretty fiber is a green piece of linen, appropriately named, Kermit. This is for my Fanci That Frankie! It looks washed out here, but is really a pretty, Halloweeny green.

I also managed to get stitching on one of my new designs. Not quite sure what to name it just yet, but it'll come to me. Perhaps I'll have a sneak peek next post. Please don't hold me to that. I am so thankful I have the kind of job I do, working from home, but I really have to be vigilant about stitching and organizing my time. Otherwise, it falls by the wayside, I get tired, and .... oh, wait, I'm preaching to the chior!!! You guys know what I mean. Thanks to all you wonderful people for stopping in to see my stash. Gonna try to get caught up on blogs now! Hope your week is filled with wonderful Halloween Holiday preparations, baking, having fun, carving, and costuming--as well as stitching! See you later this week! Till then,

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mucho Halloween-O !

I am heading to Lancaster, PA this week for the Cross Stitch Show and I am so looking forward to some relaxing, no working, and spending some nice time with my mom and sis. So I don't really have anything new to show right now, but wanted to share some other stuff you might enjoy seeing.

Can't remember if I've ever shown my little Halloween quilt here, but here goes, in all it's humble little gory, er, glory. I made it a couple years ago:

I also wanted to show off my wall words that I got from Michael's. I love these things-they're peel and stick!

No, I don't care what the neighbors think.

The time I have for leisure web surfing and fun is WAY less now than it was a couple months ago, lol. Somehow, work just makes fun go POOF, doesn't it? Well, I will update after I get back from the show and hopefully I'll have some fun stash to show. I'm on the hunt for a lime green piece of linen for a Fanci-That! pattern......till next time,

Friday, October 2, 2009

Spooky Hollow and Etsy

I put a few charts up in my new Etsy Shop for those that may want them. Thank you for the kind words and encouragements. I appreciate it more than you know! Hopefully I'll be having another design out in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile, I have made a tiny bit of progress on my Spooky Hollow piece. This is so fun and don't you love that little pumpkin?

We've started (LATE!) our Halloween decorating. Some new lights that the dear hubby just had to have:

Work has been keeping me SO darn busy. But I can't complain. I was very lucky to be awarded my contract again and that will keep me until at least March. Then summer time is free until I start up again in the fall. Life is pretty OK sometimes. Until next time,