Friday, October 2, 2009

Spooky Hollow and Etsy

I put a few charts up in my new Etsy Shop for those that may want them. Thank you for the kind words and encouragements. I appreciate it more than you know! Hopefully I'll be having another design out in a few weeks time.

Meanwhile, I have made a tiny bit of progress on my Spooky Hollow piece. This is so fun and don't you love that little pumpkin?

We've started (LATE!) our Halloween decorating. Some new lights that the dear hubby just had to have:

Work has been keeping me SO darn busy. But I can't complain. I was very lucky to be awarded my contract again and that will keep me until at least March. Then summer time is free until I start up again in the fall. Life is pretty OK sometimes. Until next time,


  1. I hope to see more of your patterns in the future. Been wondering what you were up to. Love the lights. We used to have some jack-o-lantern lights too.Don't know where they went.

  2. Very cute! Love the pumpkin.

    Love the pumpkin lights too. We have two strings that we put on our topiary.

  3. Love Halloween. Great decorations!

  4. Looks great! I love the pumpkin lights!! ~ Dawn ~

  5. I bet those pumpkin lights look terrific in the dark :)

  6. Hi Dear Tammy! Love your Halloween decorations. Oh my goodness those pumpkins are fun!
    I'm glad you like my color changes on "Light Your Way". It does change the look of the piece doesn't it?
    So sorry I forgot to put that this is a pattern from the "Trix or Treat" book. Hope you didn't go on a wild goose chase!
    You are not a dork! You would have to look hard to know it's the same pattern.
    Here are my changes:

    The pumpkin = Cognac (Weeks)
    The border = Caper (Weeks)
    Words and Crow = mascara (weeks)
    Stars = finley gold (crescent col)
    5 squares below star = cognac
    Date = caper
    Pumpkin Stem = Caper
    Basket = Mascara
    Leaves = Caper
    Flower = Mulberry
    4 squares and initials = Mulberry

    Hope this helps! I really loved stitching this piece. Different colors made it a little more bearable, if you know what I mean?
    I know I've told you before, but I love your design. You did a wonderful job!
    Take care. Hugs to you!

  7. I am so excited for you Tammy! Savour your first sales and see you on Etsy.

  8. I'm not surprised your own stitching is falling behind with your new designing adventures starting up. Great progress anyway, Tammy! Love those pumpkin lights too!!!

  9. HOpe you'll sell lots of your patterns ;-)

    I love your Halloween decorations !!! Eat the candy corn for me please !!!

  10. Holy cow! I'm way behind.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so awesome and your first design is adorable.

    Railroading. I swear I became OCD about it and it was taking me forever to do things. I'm pretty good and stopping myself (although I hate when I see the gaps in my stitches). Every few stitches I just turn my project over, drop the needle and let the thread untwist. Definitely not as precise as I want but it's ok.

    Great progress! I really do like that pattern much more with your changes.

  11. Tammy, your stitching is looking great! I love the first design you have in your shop. You have a gift for designing. I can't wait to see what you have in store for the future.

  12. Love the pumpkin lights! So cute! Congrats on Etsy!

  13. wow...beautiful pumpkin lights

  14. Lovely progress! The pumpkin lights are cute. I wish they had more decorations out here, I just have the faded stuff left over from before we moved.

  15. I love to see your Halloween piece grow. That pumpkin light is so cute.

  16. Love those pumpkin lights!! I need to get busy with my decorating. Your WIP is looking fabulous too - the pumpkin is so cute!

  17. You've made a lot of progress, her pumpkin is cute, and I love the little cat. Fun pumpkin lights too, I need to get busy and start decorating also.

  18. Hello Tammy, I just became a new fan of your work. There is a pattern called witchy brew that I just love. I can not find any where. I hope it is not discontinued. Could help me I want buy so much!

    Thank you,

    Sandra Popek


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