Sunday, November 4, 2012

Finishes and Frames

Well, hello!  Um, pay no attention, please, to the date of the last post.  Deal?  I've done many fun things this past year, and have recorded none of them here.  Shameful, I tell you!

Since I last left showing a peek of Fa La La, maybe I should update him, eh? Here he is, all finished and pressed. Don't know what I'll do, but probably frame him somehow.

Shepherd's Bush - Fa-La-La

I think he turned out pretty cute. LOVE that button hat too! I also had been working, albeit very slowly, on Spooky Hollow by With Thy Needle and Thread. Very sad and slow update below! I adore this design.  It's got a border that doesn't look very fun, but I'll persevere and finish it properly.

Spooky Hollow - With Thy Needle and Thread

Just yesterday, I went and picked up a project from the framer, In Stitches. Here is my framed Blackbird Designs project.

With My Needle - Blackbird Designs

I hope everyone is doing well. My blog feed shows so many beautiful and wonderful projects being done out there! I need to find some time to catch up with everyone and get some inspiration.  I've done some designing, but not much stitching, as evidenced here.  Maybe I'll get my act together this coming year?  I have a few things to figure out on Blogger, so that will keep me busy updating for a while.  Until next time,