Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Beneath the Sunlit Sky Update and more!

 Yep, I could not "just go with it" as I thought I could. Soooooo, long story short, I dyed a piece of 16 ct aida and am now using just one strand of floss throughout. THIS TIME, I am going to finish this sucker. 

Oh, and pardon the weird flower looking thing on the right. It looks a little obscene, but I promise it's going to be pretty, lol.

The fabric is a mottled sky blue. I didn't use any yellow in this one. It's a shame because I wanted a bit more of a greenish/turquoise blend, but the yellow was just giving me trouble (see prior post!)

Cross stitching just gives me so much joy. SO MUCH! Even when I'm scrapping a project to do a different fabric, or I'm not crazy about my stitches and start over--I just love the process.

I'll be getting a couple pieces back from the framers soon and I cannot wait to see how they turned out. I have a lot of framed pieces that I haven't hung anywhere, but I plan to soon.

I had been look for Birds of a Feather's Red Reindeer for so long. A kind and generous person on one of my groups on facebook said she had it and sold it to me! I really love this design.

The motifs here are so small that I'm going to just use DMC for it. But it's so pretty. 

I have been keeping up with Project Life! I finished Feb and started on March! One thing I realized is that I need to take some more pictures. With not going out very much, photos just don't seem to happen a lot.

I had such a great weekend! Spent some time with my mom going to lunch and walking at the park. This weekend was glorious in VA. Upper 60's and just beautiful. I accomplished a lot crafty-wise and felt pretty good about it. 

While at lunch with my husband last week, I got the email to register for my vaccine appointment!!!!!! So I did and it's tomorrow at noon. I hope my mom gets her notification soon too. I have tried to put lipstick on the pig with this past year of pandemic living, but I have to say, it's just been awful. AWFUL. And I will never ever forget all the people in this country who have succumbed to this awful virus. Living in fear just takes a toll on you. Fear of everything and for the ones we love. But with all the vaccines getting done, I hope all the numbers come down and a bit of normalcy can return! Woodlawn is in May this year and I really want to go with my mom! We didn't go last year of course. 

Well, take care everyone! If you are stopping in to read, I truly appreciate you taking time out of your day to do so. Be well and stay happy and healthy! Until next week,

Saturday, March 6, 2021

New Start and a Sampling of Stash!

I started Blackbird Designs Beneath the Sunlit Sky. After a few tries on different fabrics/counts/colors, I dyed up a piece linen that I'd previously ordered for this project. You know when you get all your supplies and THEN you see someone else's finish in a color you hadn't thought of? Yeah. That happened to me.

I really like the color, but there is a tiny yellow part just a bit below the motifs on the left side. I'm hoping that further stitching will either cover it, or make it less noticeable, as I don't really want to start this again.

See it? UGH! Oh well, lol. That's the breaks when you just have to have something now and can't wait for a delivery of fabric. I'm just gonna go with it I think.

I haven't posted any stash for a long time, so it's been piling up <gulp>. I know I won't live long enough to stitch it all, but it makes me happy right now.

So for now, I'll just store these alongside all the other stash I have. I need to organize my recent stuff and integrate it into the proper place. 

Jenny came through her surgery like a little tiny champion. She's back to her spunky self and will get her stitches out in a few more days. 

How's everyone doing with the pandemic and vaccines? Everyone but me in my household has been fully vaccinated! I'm so thankful. I'm on a list somewhere, and hopefully my tier will be available soon. I never thought I'd be living through something like this and it SUCKS. I just don't seem to be  looking forward to anything or happy about much these days. I hope that feeling passes soon. 

Well, take care. I'll keep plugging away on Beneath the Sunlit Sky and have a progress post soon. Wish me luck on covering that little yellow spot, lol. Until next time,