Saturday, March 6, 2021

New Start and a Sampling of Stash!

I started Blackbird Designs Beneath the Sunlit Sky. After a few tries on different fabrics/counts/colors, I dyed up a piece linen that I'd previously ordered for this project. You know when you get all your supplies and THEN you see someone else's finish in a color you hadn't thought of? Yeah. That happened to me.

I really like the color, but there is a tiny yellow part just a bit below the motifs on the left side. I'm hoping that further stitching will either cover it, or make it less noticeable, as I don't really want to start this again.

See it? UGH! Oh well, lol. That's the breaks when you just have to have something now and can't wait for a delivery of fabric. I'm just gonna go with it I think.

I haven't posted any stash for a long time, so it's been piling up <gulp>. I know I won't live long enough to stitch it all, but it makes me happy right now.

So for now, I'll just store these alongside all the other stash I have. I need to organize my recent stuff and integrate it into the proper place. 

Jenny came through her surgery like a little tiny champion. She's back to her spunky self and will get her stitches out in a few more days. 

How's everyone doing with the pandemic and vaccines? Everyone but me in my household has been fully vaccinated! I'm so thankful. I'm on a list somewhere, and hopefully my tier will be available soon. I never thought I'd be living through something like this and it SUCKS. I just don't seem to be  looking forward to anything or happy about much these days. I hope that feeling passes soon. 

Well, take care. I'll keep plugging away on Beneath the Sunlit Sky and have a progress post soon. Wish me luck on covering that little yellow spot, lol. Until next time,


  1. The fabric is so pretty for that design.
    The spot will probably be covered.
    Glad Jenny made it through ok.
    We're still waiting for the vaccine here.
    What great stash you found!
    Have a great week!

  2. Your BBD start looks good. I like the fabric you dyed for it, Tammy. If that color spot is bothering you, would it be possible to do a touch up to it? What a fabulous assortment of charts you have picked up along the way!

    Glad to hear Jenny came through her surgery and is back to her spunky self. Have a fabulous week!

    1. Thanks Robin! I mulled it over and then started it over, lol!


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!