Friday, November 13, 2009

A Peek in the Cauldron and A Must Do

Well, let's just jump right into Christmas, shall we? Nevermind that pesky Halloween post just one down, OK? :p

I need to stitch this for myself this winter season. I finished the Red Snowman earlier this year and just love it-no I haven't framed it!

So, I may do that, or some other wintry sweet piece. Doesn't have to be Christmas per se. Speaking of that, I have a sneak peek of something I'm working on now and I have no idea if it'll be done soon or not! My work has kept me so so busy that I haven't had time to stitch hardly at all. I may need to shop around for a stitcher, as I have several other designs ready to go, but when they'll see the light of day I don't know.

So there it be, so to speak. I have lots of little visions, lots of designing in my head and lots of things in progress on the computer as well. Very little stitching. Anyone want to point me in the direction of how to win a lottery? That would free up a boatload of time, I tell you! I watched a great show on how lottery winners screw up their lives (not all of course!). Is it bad to say it made me feel a bit better? You truly must have your act together regardless of how much you have or do not have. That's the simple lesson. Stay away from credit, save your hard earned money and you can enjoy your "wealth" at any stage of the game! (but I still wanna win the lotto dangit.)

Sorry for the rambling. We're in the midst of paying off bills and I tend to wax philosophic about it, lol. Anyways, I need to go spend some time in blogland visiting all my buddies. I've picked up a few more followers---THANKS GUYS!--- and need to add them to my blogroll and check out their blogs if they have them. Boy, blogging really shows you that the world is full of the neatest and most interesting people. Get lots of stitching in this weekend and maybe some holiday decorating if you can--I hope to put a few stitches in and show something more than a pitiful peek next week! Ha! Till then,