Sunday, August 29, 2010

Otherwise Engaged.....

I so have not been stitching. Yeah, I know, I promised. But Summer kind of got all busy on me, and I haven't made much time for it at all.

I saw Adam, again, in concert this past Friday. This one was even MORE incredible than the first one I went to back in June. My mom bought me a new camera just for the occasion! My sister and I were right up front, with only one or two people in front of us. Unbelievable. The whole night was a glorious adventure.

Adam has had my heart from day one, as anyone who has been following this blog for any amount of time knows. To see him TWICE this summer has really just been an incredible experience. My husband fully supports this obsession, which I'm very thankful for. :-p

Oh, and in between, we also saw The Black Eyed Peas! WOW, it was like a club party up in there, multiplied by 100!!! Before this summer, I had nearly forgotten how wonderful it felt to feel your heart and stomach pounding to the beat of great music, as loud as it can be, in person. It's addictive really.

I hope you guys are settling in for Fall and wrapped up Summer nicely. My boy is now in high school and it's a whole new ball game for us. Work will start for me soon, and Halloween is well on it's frightening way!

Cleaning out and cleaning up is high on my list of priorities for Fall. I just feel like I need to. For some reason, I don't get the Spring cleaning bug - it's definitely Fall for me. And I do have lots more to do before the harvest season. Do you?

Have a wonderful week, whether you stitch or not!