Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ya'll won't believe this!

Well, I finally had some success! I didn't want to take the time to stitch the little snowman again, but I will later on. And I thought to myself that if mess up another uber-cute design, I would surely see an early grave, so I found a tiny little biscornu pattern from The Floss Box (they have snowflakes too!) and went to work. It was a super quick stitch and then I finished it last night.

Here is what it looked like prior to stitching:

Then I carefully followed instructions from all you great ladies who tried to help me avoid a nervous breakdown and it turned into THIS before my very eyes!!!!

Mini-Biscornu-The Floss Box
Wichelt 18 ct. Twilight Blue Linen, over two
Freebie found HERE
I can't hardly believe it! I'm going to go so far as to say I'm very pleased with myself, lol! Now I have to get back to my poor neglected Sheepies!

Thank you again, everyone, who left me comments and talked me down from the ornament finishing ledge. You'll never know how much it meant to me!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shame, Horror, Sheep (and award, lol)

I'm just now coming to terms with it, lol. I know, I'm a freak. Here is the SHAME:

What's up with that stupid corner on the right hand side?? I swear.

Now for the HORROR. No, seriously, here it is:

OMG. I think I shaved off about 3 years of my life with this ornament. Doesn't that make you just cringe? It did me. If you didn't read the last post of frustration--that hole is where I pushed the stinkin' turning tool right through the linen. OY!

One little, two little, three little SHEEPIES:

At least these guys are coming along nicely, if not slowly.

Now, tae-kwon-do stitching woman extraordinairre (is that even spelled right?), Lori,gave me such a nice award!

I'm supposed to say what 5 things I'm addicted to--so here goes! Big fat numero uno would be stitching and all things related, lol. 2) is music. I love music, and how it has the power to make you feel a certain way. 3) my kid. I love the kid, even though he drives me nuts. A day without having him around is - well, kind of weird! 4) food. Without it, I'd die! :P and 5) Halloween. Gotta have it.

Thank you Lori, you sweetie! And thank ALL OF YOU who posted with encouraging stitchy words of advice and condolences on my fallen snowman. I will heed your advice and the Twilight Blue linen is back on a little hoop ready to stitch him up again, and success will be mine!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Ornie Frustration-No pic

I'm bummed. I finished stitching the Snow Blessing Ornie. I didn't do a good job sewing around the curve with my machine, as it's not even on both sides. I pushed my plastic turning tool right through the linen on one corner--UGH! I kept shoving batting inside the little thing, and after I was done, it seemed lumpy.

I think this was the last pillow ornie I will do, unless someone can point me in the direction of a fabulous tutorial of how to stitch it together (with sewing machine or by hand or what??), how to stuff the dang thing right, and how to sew it closed without it looking all caddywhompus. Yep, that's a word. How do they get 'em so fully stuffed and pretty looking??

I'd also like to add some pretty beads to the edges of an ornie, ala Carol-her stuff is FABU, but can't figure out how to do that either, lol! I have looked all day for some really good step by step finishing tuts, but I didn't find answers to my burning questions. Working on that tiny little thing just took it out of me. It's not even fit to post!

That's why I frame stuff. :P

Monday, January 12, 2009

Sheepy Update and Ornie Start

Pathetic progress on my sheepies. Aren't those little hats hysterical? I love them! Stitching with the Sheep's Silk? Not so much.

I lied about the ornie start. But I did gather everything and get the fabby prepped for stitching. I need to get this sucker not only stitched, but finished, before the end of the month. I signed up for the ornie group blog and I cannot miss the first month, lol. I'm a pretty die-hard crafty procrastinator. Just ask my Headache Fairy...yeah, don't remind me.

Ooooh, I DID send that thread off to Sharon Crescent though. I'll post if she found anything that remotely matches! Maybe, just maybe I can get it finished by THIS Halloween? We'll see.

I have a very non-exciting stitchy life. I hope it perks up when my work season ends in Spring! Have a great week everyone-and do something fun this week!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Psst! Stash alert and Cricket Sheep!

Uh, did you know Silk N Colors was nearly EIGHT BUCKS a skein??? I only needed two for this project, but I had NO idea about that. It's only used in the little red and green stitches in the hats, but geez! Next time I'll sub my trusty old DMC rather than spend my money on that for such a small amount of stitching!

This is my wintry project, Do You Hear What I Hear?, by Cricket. I love her designs and have many many many of them. There's something about sheep....

Fabric is Wichelt's Star Sapphire, 28 ct., over two. The Sheep's Silk was much more moderately priced, but the designer said her model was on 18 count with two ply of that stuff! NO WAY! I couldn't even work two ply on the 14 count. So I'm using one, and it's wooly enough for me. But my LNS was out of the fun variegated Taupstone, so I substitued a gray for that. Here's a peek at the first little sheepy taking shape.

Cute! Like I said, just something about sheep. :)

Now onto some stash. My DH got me a nice gift certificate (which I'm nearly out of now), and here's a bit of what I spent it on.

I used to have that Bent Creeek design, but sold it. Then I found it in the clearance bin at the LNS. I was just about to hit eBay for it, because I want to do it for my nephew! Score! So, there's my stitchy week-at-a-glance. Until next time,