Monday, January 12, 2009

Sheepy Update and Ornie Start

Pathetic progress on my sheepies. Aren't those little hats hysterical? I love them! Stitching with the Sheep's Silk? Not so much.

I lied about the ornie start. But I did gather everything and get the fabby prepped for stitching. I need to get this sucker not only stitched, but finished, before the end of the month. I signed up for the ornie group blog and I cannot miss the first month, lol. I'm a pretty die-hard crafty procrastinator. Just ask my Headache Fairy...yeah, don't remind me.

Ooooh, I DID send that thread off to Sharon Crescent though. I'll post if she found anything that remotely matches! Maybe, just maybe I can get it finished by THIS Halloween? We'll see.

I have a very non-exciting stitchy life. I hope it perks up when my work season ends in Spring! Have a great week everyone-and do something fun this week!


  1. Those stocking hats are a hoot. That makes stitching so fun.
    I love the snowman with the wings, I don't remember that one.
    Good Luck at getting it done before the end of the month.

  2. The sheep are too cute!!

    Hey, don't feel bad, I've finally started my monthly ornie stitch!
    I need a little elf to do my finishes for me:) Your ornie choice is adorable!

  3. Snow Blessed is adorable.

    I hope the sheep come up in my stash rotation soon. Your project is making me itchy to start mine. ;-)

  4. In the past, I've found that joining a swap is sometimes the only way I can get things done!! I need to look into some groups to join for motivation.

  5. lol...

    Those stocking hats are too funny. I like the new colors on the blog, very valentine! Don't feel bad,I've only started stitching today...

    <3 ya

  6. psst....hey Tammy...this is Headache Fairy talking to ya...ya hear me? huh?....walk away from the sheep...(hehehehe)

  7. Any progress is good progress, Tammy! Keep at it and you'll have those sheepies finished before you know it.

    Like your new header too!

  8. You have a couple of fun projects going on there. The sheep are just too cute.
    You CAN get the ornament done in time! Good luck :)


  9. Very nice progress on your sheep! I like your ornie too, nice work.

  10. oh that ornament will be so cute! :~)

    if you go to PatternsOnline.com, they have all of the EMS Little Stitch Devils on there ~ I think there are 8 in total ~ they each have a "stitchy" theme :~) ~ there are also stitch angels ~ eventually i will stitch them all! :~D

  11. Your sheep are just to cute, and you're right on the hats they are great. Your new ornie you're going to start is very cute too. Hope you get some good news on getting some matching floss for fairy.

  12. The sheep are so cute, I can't wait to see it done up! I hope you make the deadline.


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!