Thursday, April 2, 2009

Red Snowman Finish!

He's finally done. Boy I tell you, I sure am NOT the fastest stitcher, but to be fair, I was trying to work and stitch (rarely at the same time) over the past 7 months. Now I have a break for 5 or so months and can concentrate on this crazy obsessive passion I have. I am also involved in some other creative endeavors--totally exciting--but I'm not going to share details right now. I know, don't you hate that?! I promise to keep you posted though. On to my Red Snowman finish!

Shepherd's Bush Red Snowman
Cranberry Bog Fabric 32 ct. (in kit)
Fibers: Au ver a Soi and Thread Gatherer Silks

I really am pleased with him. He's a nice addition to my finishes because I didn't have any wintry designs, and now I have two! Yayyyy! Don't know what I might put on the QSnaps next, but I'm thinking it might be Fright by Shepherd's Bush.

I can only go so long without a Halloweeny stitch. I was so busy getting Snowman done I didn't even do an ornament for March for my challenge. BLAH! Truth be told, I might not get one done for April either, lol. For all you "followers", WOW-I can't get over how many people are even remotely interested in what I'm doing or stitching. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It makes me smile. I have tried to return the favor by following all your blogs too, and I hope I haven't missed any. Please let me know if have!

How do you all keep up with all the blogs? I have so many I love now, and sure to come across lots more. Do you devote time every day to blogging, or once each week? Do tell! I'll be back soon with a new start as soon as I dig through everything and decide! Until then,


  1. Your snowman is a very cute finish! Oh, but you have patience to stitch all that white on the red fabric. Stitching with white always drives me around the bend, don't really know why!

  2. Cute finish! Your stitching is beautiful.

  3. Very cute finish! Congrat's!
    I love Halloween as well. I joined the Halloween blog so I can have a Halloween fix once in a while!

    I have to look at blogs at least once a day. Such a fun way to stay motivated, even if it's just for a few minutes.
    Have a great day!

  4. Your red snowman turned out perfectly! Congratulations on a darling finish! ***happy dance*** The SB Fright looks like a great next project!

    I have over 300 blogs in my reader. (obsessive) I try to devote at least an hour each afternoon to reading the new posts. Some days more, some less. If I'm short on time, I don't comment as often but I still read them all. If you don't use a reader, I highly recommend it. That saves time as you don't visit blogs that have not been updated.

  5. I love the Red Snowman! and the Halloweeny stitch is great too.

    As to blogs - oh dear. I spend far too much time each day after work doing 'quick visits'. It's very hard. More than once I get the shout from downstairs - what's for dinner?

  6. what a CUTE snowman! I'd be scared about the red fabby bleeding all over me..you one brave woman.

    Blogs, blogs everywhere. I try to hit what I have a least a little every night. Daffycat? omg! I'm not sure how a reader works but I may have to investigate that one. I wish that I could post on more blogs myself! Yours is one that I don't miss though...:-)

  7. Snowman turned out great! I love the sheep.

    I use Bloglines to follow my blogs. That way only the ones with new posts show up.

    I also keep a blogroll on my blog so that if Bloglines is down, which happens, I can still keep up.

    As for blogging myself...I may slow down a little on that. I don't have much to say right now.

    But, don't YOU slow down. Your blog is one of my favorites.

  8. I just adore your snowman. It is too cute! I am envious of your lovely fabric choice and I am awe-struck by how quickly you stitched the design up considering the fabric you used. Can't wait to see the next project! Take care.

  9. Wahoooooooo! I love the red snowman! It looks so cool done on the red linen. Wanna trade something for the pattern? Or I could borrow it?
    What I do is I set a side blog hopping during dinner time. John watches tv and I am on the computer. We are in the same room, so we can talk also about our day.
    Hope that helps alittle.
    ps: Spring break next week!

  10. Love your snowman, I might have to do him myself. Noticed on a previous post you mentioned anchoring those stitches in the middle of nowhere. I have seen on a blog somewhere instructions for 'pinhead stitch'? I think which solves that problem. I will do a search and email you the site.

    I check blogs everyday, Google Reader is great for showing new posts. I also visit blogs to see what other people are following so I end up in places I have not been before.

  11. back again as not able to email. This might be of use http://tapestryofdreams.blogspot.com search the blog for The Pinhead Stitch, posted on Sept 9th 2007.

  12. Super adorable finish!! I love it. SB does the best snowmen!

    As for blog reading, I try to read some every day. I spend a bit of time every morning reading blogs and try to post on all the new posts. I have my blog list set to show the latest updates and I go by that, plus have some in my favorites. I've used google reader but am such a twit that I can't figure out how to post comments from that.

  13. Love the snowman - I'm seriously considering having a Snowman Theme stitch next year and devote my year to snowmen.
    Of course, this is coming from somebody who detests snow in a country that sees more bushfires than snow!
    I browse through my bloglists every night and try to catch up with them all - I'm still a beginner though.

    I'm sure you've mentioned it somewhere, but can you give some pattern information on your snowman? Is it Shepherd's Bush?
    thanks for showing us it's progress.

  14. Lookie there! How cute is he? Love it! And I love your next new stitchy on the witchy :)
    Have a GREAT weekend Tammy!

  15. Yay! What a cutie of a finish!! Doesn't matter how long it takes to get these things done. Stitching is for pleasure, not pressure. I just love the way you've signed and dated it too!

    Looks like you're going down the same track as me with your WIPS. That would be the track of SB. lol

    Wow, five months off work!!! You lucky thing. Imagine how much stitching you'll get done in that time! Have fun. :)

    I usually look at blogs nearly every day. A bit like Siobhan, I find my blog list a great help to let me know when people have updated. Other blogs in my favourites I'll drop by every now and then. I spend so much time catching up with stitching blogs that my own stitching tends to take a back seat sometimes. I do try to combine the two though as they both compliment each other.

    BTW, do you create your own headers? I just think they're terrific!

  16. Congrats on your finish, that snowman looks so cute. You did a wonderful job on it.

  17. Your finish is just adorable. Everything is so nice and beautiful in this design including the fabric it's stitched on. Congratulations. I also love your next project. SB can become an addiction ...

  18. I have not seen this before. It looks really cute!

    I read blogs before work and at lunch time. I work from home so it makes me feel a little more "connected" to check in with online friends every day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's fairly new but I am trying to post more often.

  19. Love the finished Red Snowman :0) I check blogs once a day when feasible. I find I enjoy watching people's stitching progress "about" as much as stitching myself.

  20. Oh, I LOVE your red snowman, Tammy and he is adorable on that Cranberry Bog!!! Isn't that the most scrumptious colour!!! :) I'm adding this one to my Wish List right now!!!

    Oh, Fright is gorgeous and I can't wait to see yours! I've got to get back to some of my Witchy Stitches in my rotation... With my recent very bad case of *startitis* I've got so many WIP's I don't know if I'm coming or going! Isn't it lovely! lol

    OH, my! Five months of blissful stitching hours... How wonderful for you, Sweetie! Can't wait to hear more of your secret creative endeavours!

    kind, fond wishes to you my dear... with blessings and love always in stitches...

  21. OH Tammy, this is just the most adorable snowman design I have seen stitched in quite awhile! Going to have to get it ordered and soonish!

    As for blog reading, I do try and keep up with reading and posting daily, if I don't it gets away from me. Of course I work at home, so that does make it a bit easier then for some.

  22. Wow that was quick, your snowman looks wonderful! I hear you about the Halloween obsession, there are sooo many good patterns to get to. I love your site decor, it has me ready for Easter!
    With regard to checking blogs, I only get to it about once a week, usually when I post on mine. I wish I were as faithful as everyone else.

  23. so very cute! i love the colors. wonderful stitching too. you do lovely work.

  24. Your snowman turned out great, he and the sheep are so cute and show up so well on the red. Love your potential new start of Fright too. As to blog reading, my time varies. Lately I've had very little so am quite behind. Otherwise I try to do a little most evenings and just rotate through so that over a period of a week I can generally hit most that I follow.

  25. I love, love your halloween stitch! The frame is amazing, is that stiched also, the orange part? Nice to see the snowman finished, he looks great. I was also wondering how all these great bloggers manage to post so often and keep up, I try, but havnt found the secret yet, let me know if you do! lol

    Priscilla x

  26. Tammy~Red Snowman turned out absolutely gorgeous! Such AWESOME stitching, too! Very neat and ohh so perfect. Love the SB Halloween design, right up your alley, for sure!

    As for checking the Blogs, I try to each day. Usually just those that have a new entry. Makes it a bit quicker than clicking them all. :-)

    Can't wait to see what stitchy piece you will be working on next...anticipation!!!

    Have a wonderful week, filled with loads of stitching time.

  27. Congratulations! It's so cute and beautiful finish! :)

  28. CONGRATS!! Love your snowman finish!! He is adorable:)
    Cute SB Halloween design!
    Blogging..I'm so behind on reading;) I use my google reader and go through the alphabet. Today I finally got to the W's:)
    After the end of the alphabet, I start over. I read in between my housework or before I go to bed.
    I really enjoy it and I'm afraid I'm going to miss something if I don't read them all...lol! I'm so hooked!

  29. Congratulations on your finish!

    I haven't done very good with keeping up with blogs lately. I have way too many in my feed reader, which is telling me that I have just 1939 posts to read. YIKES!

  30. Oh this red snowman is tooooo kewt. Your next one is a great chart too!

    I read over 400 blogs on a fairly regular basis. I think one mistake people make is that they think they have to comment every single time they visit and they have to visit every time that person puts up a new post. Why??? My blogs are in an RSS reader. I am notified every time a new post is made on any given blog. Some of them I let pile up 4 or 5 posts, visit once, leave one comment, usually on the post I found most interesting, and that one comment might refer to 3 or 4 of their posts or only this one I found interesting. One of the food blogs I visit I only comment once or twice a month, but the author always remembers me, visits my blog occasionally and I feel like I know him and like him very much. We're not trying to be 'best' friends, just 'hi there buddies'. You don't see your real live friends every single day and sometimes when you do see them you just wave and drive on down the street, sometimes you stop and chat awhile. It's a lot easier and faster to read and comment on 5 posts right now, than 1 post every single day. Like one phone call to your real live friend every other week or so and you catch up on what you missed. I also have a few blogs that I will visit every single time there is a new post -- remember the old saying 'you can count your real friends using only one hand' -- well those people you do visit and talk to more.

  31. Happy Easter to you and your family.
    Congrats! Love the Red Snowman, my heart melts for any snowman.
    I use google reader that updates all the post. I figured out you can click on the title of the post, not the title of the blogger and open up leave a comment close out and continue. If you click on the title of the blogger it will show you all that one's post and then you have to reopen the reader again to get the list. It makes it pretty efficient.
    Oh yeah and to keep up I even have to read on Holidays too, lol

  32. cute snowman....

    I have almost 90 blogs in my google reader and i have a seperate blog for blog list with more than 100 blogs. With both system i can see the updates in the blog and i will visit it if there is an update...and try to post comments. sometimes if some google bug might stop me from commenting, i'll go there the next time i see an update in it and make sure i comment the previous post also.

    I feel by commenting we are communicating with the blog owner and that means a lot to me.

  33. Love your Red Snowman, so cute!

  34. Loved both charts especially more on the Red Snowman.

    Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with the blogworld including updates on mine, but I make it a point to go on my blog round and update once a week unless I have something to show from exchanges that requires a showoff..LOL

    Loved your blog especially all the witchy stuff :D

  35. Love your Red Snowman finish and I will have to get him. I have done two large pieces of Shepherds Bush for Ginger's Needlework in Austin, Tx. I did some other model stitching for her too.
    I think because you steam ironed your piece before you stitched it that is why it hasn't bleed. It bleed on your ironing board cover instead. Good Job!
    I have a new blog ~ theflyingitchesneedle.blogspot.com come by and see me, please.
    Take care and God Bless ~


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