Saturday, January 18, 2020

Drive by update!

Slowpoke update! Work has been crazy busy and there have been doc and dentist appointments, so this is it so far.

I did indeed pull the "t" out and am doing it again. But otherwise, I am on to the next snowflake, which shouldn't take long, if I actually put the time in!

Not much else happening in craft land here. Catching up on some shows and trying to fit in time to go to a movie soon. I have Monday off from work so I'll probably spend a good part of the weekend stitching or something else crafty related.

I hope you all are making more progress than me with your stitching! Have a wonderful weekend, and until next time,


  1. Sometimes life gets in the way of our stitching time.
    The PL looking great on that fabric.
    It's always nice to have an extended weekend.

  2. Enjoy your extended weekend! Your Pineberry Lane piece is looking good.

  3. Not much progress going on here either, I don't know where the time goes!
    Enjoy your Monday off :-)


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!