Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mirabilia Halloween Fairy progress...come see!

I'm by no means the fastest stitcher on the planet. I get caught up in being lazy, uh, I mean being busy (yeah BUSY!) and doing other stuff, but I try to do a tiny bit each day at least. Some days more than others!

I finished nearly all of the one side and I'm really stoked. Maybe, just maybe, I *am* the kind of gal that can finish a Mira design? Stay tuned. Time will tell...

I thought of trying to finish the little blackbird (see previous post) into a sweet little "small" of some kind. I have never really done that before, but I love seeing how everyone makes these beautiful little treasures. I'll look up some instructions and see what technique fits the little guy the best. Wish me luck!


  1. Ooooh, she's shaping up nicely. Me likes.

  2. She looks great. Will you have her done in time for Halloween? Good Luck

  3. Donna, I hope so! Framing is so expensive, but she'll be a priority.

  4. She does look great! I know about the high cost of framing, I had a Mirabella
    fairy Moon framed, $265, don't tell my husband! It's a shame it costs so much1

  5. She looks great! So...how about "Gathering Eggs"? Haha!

  6. She's looking great. I've never been brave enough to try a large Mirabilia, but I have this one and the Christmas Fairy one in my stash. The size does look managable. Your other Mirabilia one, gathering eggs, is lovely. You have a lot of fun and beautiful projects going.


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!