Thursday, August 28, 2008


Except that's not what I said. When I realized my Halloween Fairy's mask was stitched up wrong (as I was backstitching), I resorted to pleading for help. With a quick email, my friend Tracy was able to confirm that I did indeed need to tear it out and do it over again. BLAH! I had to though. It was BAD, lol. Here's a before and after for you, above.

After I took care of that, I made some good headway on the other wing. A fellow blogger called this the "Headache Fairy" and I love that term. I'm quickly running out of the Crescent Colours in Dandelion Stem, so I'll have to go on a hunt for that tomorrow.

And, by the looks of my posts, I need a new start. Something Halloweeny or Fall"esque" I think. Maybe this?

I have had this one for a while and would love to finish it. Isn't that little witchy sweet though? She is too cute. Not that I need anything to get me in the mood though. Halloween season is my favorite of all. We go ALL OUT doing the house up and usually have a big party. I want to do something different this year though, or at least add some new and interesting things.

If you have any great sites for Halloween, please let me know! I need to add a great scary book to my reading list too. Heart-Shaped Box is currently freaking me out, but is an awesome ghost story! Happy stitching (and witching!).....


  1. My dear DON'T go and get more for the wing! I'm done with her wings and I have left over. I'd be more than happy to send it to you! Drop me an email....I feel your pain...

  2. That sure is sweet of tkdquintmom to offer hers. I dont even have mne open. I love that little SB witch, she is just so darn cute. I will have to check out Heart-Shaped Box.

  3. Awwwh Tammy, so sorry to hear about the reverse stitching of your Fairy's Mask~but, ahhhh, she sure looks boo-tiful now.

    Love the SB Witch choice~too darn adorable. Infact, I'm thinking that I have this, too. Will need to check on it later today.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to you and your's!

  4. Tam, I have a bunch of that color. I had to buy some to finish the wings also.

    She is almost finished, can't wait to see how you frame her. Have you started on the other Halloween Fairy?

  5. Thx for the offer guys! I ordered some tho, so I'm patiently waiting now. :) Tracy, no I haven't started the other one, but really want to!

  6. I love your Halloweeny choices. Your party was great last year. I hate we're so far away now.


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