Sunday, August 3, 2008

Framing FREAK OUT-Have you been there?

OK, so I took the little SB Sheep to the framer. Tiny design, sweet, very tiny--oh, did I mention how tiny it is? I added the squiggles to it after all. I thought it came out cute.

I bring the little leaflet so I could make it look just as sweet as the talented ladies at SB made theirs look. Uh yeah right.

My framer and I are excitedly trying different mat colors (I had to do a triple mat of course) and I picked out a gorgeous white carved frame--key words here are "gorgeous" and "carved". So I think I'm done and she says "Let's see what we're up to!". She goes over to the computer and says, OK, we're up to $(deleted incase mom visits!) would you like the archival glass?

EXCUSE ME??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only do I NOT want the archival glass, but we need to do this all over again. Nice for me that she is a wonderful woman and was happy to help. I picked a much thinner American-made embossed frame (who knew carved Italian frames were so dang pricey?) and I was able to bring it down to 1/2 what she originally quoted. My gracious.

OK, so I worked on my PS fairy and she's almost done. I want to name her. She looks like Millie to me. I haven't settled on it yet. With framing prices what they are, Millie may be in the closet a while.

Have you seen this? I MUST have it! I borrowed this image from The Silver Needle, and I hope that's OK!

They made it into a treat bag too and it's so cool! Enjoy and happy stitching!


  1. That trick or treat one is super cute!

    Framing is not cheap, that's for sure! We had an Asian print framed in this awesome bamboo frame at an art store in FL... holy crackers! That thing is like our prized possession. Next to that is our Doors of Salem poster (which needs new glass) I fell in love with on our honeymoon, and that was done in a simple black frame from M. Still no where near cheap though.

  2. I'm glad you put the squiggles in. I feel your pain about the framing? Who do you use? Celeste likes the framer near the General Store restaurant across the street from Mary Washington. I've used Gray Ghost and will probably use Celeste's framer next, although I really like the framing jobs I've seen at In Stitches. I think it's funny that we may have crossed paths at E. Cross Stitch--I go a lot of Saturday mornings in the summer after I've hit the farmers market at Hurkamp Park. Where do you live? I live in Stafford.

    The Trick or Treat design IS cute!

  3. Wendy I'm going to have to check out that poster--anything Salem sounds great to me!

    Glenna, I do use Art & Frame Design near the college. I've not heard of the Gray Ghost (A framer?) We live in Spotsy and I like In Stitches too!


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!