Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BlackBird Designs With My Needle-Idol Chatter

OK, it's not a tease. It's a real life start! Lookie, I have proof:

See? I told ya!

Are you enjoying the less than stellar lighting on these photos? Thank Mother Nature. One minute is cloudy and rain, and the very next second is sunny! BLAH! I think you can get at least the general idea that I have indeed started something. If you haven't already, please leave me a comment in the below post if you would like to be entered in the giveaway for Shepherd's Bush Fright. I'll be back on Friday to announce the winner.

And who do you think is going home on American Idol tonight?? Well, I think either Lil--why couldn't she replicate that FAB Mary J. Blige thing from early this season--or Matt G. or Noop. But it WILL NOT be this man.

OMG, be still my heart. Yeah, I lust after him. Does that make me a cougar? I don't care if he is gay or not either. A delusional cougar? :p


  1. I agree Lil and Anoop probably going home tonight. My favourite so far is Adam... but my reasons are also purely for cuteness reasons. :)

    Great new start. :)

  2. I agree with the Idol take...he is adorable, but with my age, I just wish he was my son! And boy can he sing!! Also agree on Lil for sure, the other one, I am not sure, possibly Anoop...remember two are going home tonight!!

    Love your new start, Tammy!

  3. Nice start on the BBD.
    This kid has to win :)
    I hope anyway

  4. Great start on the new project. :-)

  5. The only American Idol I've ever watched was the reject show from several years ago, but I literally LOL at "cougar"!

    I'll be glad when all of these exams and research papers are over so I can get back to crocheting! Right now, I'm living vicariously through your stitching!

  6. Um either way I say MEOW to those blue eyes!!!! *whew*....oh and your start is really pretty...but so are those blue eyes...*whew*...

  7. Great start on your blackbird design. I like the spin Adam puts on songs but is he gay for real? I sort of like Danny Gokey too. Think he'll come in 2nd place.

  8. Tammy girl, we are definitely on the same wave length. Coldplay's song is the best! Halloween lovers, Coldplay, stitching, Do you see pattern here. I think you have fantastic taste as well!

    Don't get discouraged with your stitching. It's looking soooo cute!

    You go cougar! I think your guy is definitely cute. But, alas I only have eyes for my hubby. He is so good to me!

    Take Care! I love chatting with you.

  9. Your stitching start looks great!!! :~D

    I think that Adam is going to win it all! He is on a completely different level of talent than the rest of them! I think Matt will go home next week. Then after that it will be Danny, or Kris, or possibly Allison. That girl has got one heck of a voice for a 16 year old! :~)

    Talk to you later! :~D


    PS ~ You always have the cutest layouts on your blog! I just love 'em!

  10. Another Idol fan!!! LOL... LOVE the BBD start....

    Totally agree that Adam will win it. I think the right ones went home last night. Adam definately has the most talent out of the entire group.
    Happy stitching!

  11. Great new start!

    I haven't been watching Idol this season but that guy is c-u-u-t-e! LOL about the delusional cougar thing. I feel that way about Robert Pattinson. Yum.

  12. Nice start on your project! I'm looking forward to see the rest of it ;)

  13. Great new start, Tammy! What a coincidence too - I'm going to start on a BBD chart, and I decided this even before I saw what you were going to do. Truly! :) How spooky is that?

    Cougar or not, it doesn't hurt to look! Enjoy the view!!!

  14. Idol winner is most likely going to be Adam...and yes, that makes you a cougar!!

  15. Lovely start and very pretty colors.

    And just make sure you don't drool on your stitching. it might make the colors bleed. LOL

  16. LOL at the previous comment from Kathy :) get down tiger!

    Lovely stitching, thanks for adding me to your roll.

  17. Well, if he's gay that means No hope at all for us straight woman !!! lol

  18. Wonderful new start, love the colors.

  19. The staging of your photography is just lovely! I look forward to seeing your progress!

  20. great start! and i agree, Adam will win it all. I am hoping for Adam, Danny and Chris in the top 3, possibly Allison. That girl can sing for a 16yr old.


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!