Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drive by post!

I'm busy as a bee here. Seems time just flies by and I can't get a handle on it lately. I'm basically finished with my WIP - BBD With My Needle - and will post a photo for you tomorrow. My family is going to be visiting today to wish my son a happy b-day and we're trying to clean things up this morning. Should be nice weather for sitting out on the deck.

Have a wonderful Saturday and I'll be back soon with photos! Boy do I have alot of blogging to catch up on, lol. :P


  1. Enjoy! The storms that blew through last night certainly made it a beautiful, sparkly day today!

  2. Have fun, and Happy Birthday to your son. Can't wait to see your finished BBD, it will be gorgeous.

  3. Happy birthday to your son! Can't wait to see your finish!

  4. happy birthday to your son,today is my son's birthday. neat, neat. can't wait to see your new creation too. we've been having lots of stormy spring weather here in nevada too. kind of nice, was worried it was going to get too hot to quick!

  5. Happy Birthday to your son, hope you have a fun visit.

  6. Happy birthday to your son, and congratulations on your finish! I can't wait to see it!


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