Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Haunted Stitchy Start and a Scarf Update!

Thank you to those that commented on my previous post about Baxter. Dogs are wonderful. And people are wonderful too. I so appreciate your kind words.

I have started a sweet little (freebie!) Haunted House and ghostie girl from The Snowflower Diaries. I wanted a little spooky something or another that I could maybe FINISH before Halloween gets here. You'd think I could find something in my array of stash or magazines, but no. And I couldn't believe that I was missing two floss colors and had to run to JoAnn's last night to get them. Two floss colors. That trip cost me $43. :) But I tell you, stitchy shopping is like a shot of B vitamins to me. Here is the chart cover of the finished design...

How cute is that?? Now, here's my wee stitchy start...

Oh, my heart is elated! It feels so good to be stitching something, anything, again! I've been out of the loop for so long, and needed a small, cute design to get me going. This should do it, I do believe. Now for my scarf progress. I started that dang scarf probably 10 times, because I messed the pattern up. But being persistent pays off.

The yarn is Garden Serenity by Deb Norville in "Gems" colorway. Love it!

Is everyone having a spooky October so far? The light is waning and Fall is here and it's wonderful. Leaves on the ground, and I'm searching for a great pumpkin cake recipe. Here's one of my resident skellys to get you in a spooky mood...

See you very soon with a hopefully near finished Haunted House and ghostie girl! Till then,


  1. So happy you're stitching and a spooky start is perfect. Love, love, love your scarf! The skeleton looks great, too! Halloween is so much fun! So sorry about your Baxter. I know you must miss him so much.

  2. Lovely start to your stitching Tammy. And that scarf is so beautiful, the colours so vibrant!

  3. This will be great when it is finished. I stitched it earlier this year and it is really pretty.

  4. What a beautiful scarf and love the new stitch Tammy .
    So so sorry about your wonderful dog Baxter. Your heart must be breaking . You have decorated your house in such wonderful Halloween flair! Thinking of you and hope that you can find comfort in the people and things you love to do Tammy .

  5. Love the Snowflowers witch. I finished her as a pinkeep and she sits on my dressers.

    Lovely scarf-- such pretty colors. Crochet is nice break from x-stitch sometimes.

  6. It doesn't feel like fall yet here. Even last week in Tennessee it was hot, but at least the colors were changing a bit.

    Love your skeleton. He certainly put me in the Halloween mood! :-)

  7. What a fun piece to work on this time of year! I love fall stitching. I wish I could crochet, but my fingers just don't cooperate. :)
    Have a great one!

  8. love the design and i just love to crochet. looks wonderful, its the 28th, did you finish stitching?
    i hate being rushed but that is what i need .
    have a good day


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!