Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Witch is Back....from the framers, that is. Plus stash and WIP pics!

I got my beautiful witch framed and picked her up last weekend. They do such a nice job at In Stitches. I think the frame is perfect for her. As much as I love Halloween, she'll stay out of the main area until next year.

Spooky Hollow by WTNT
While I was at the shop, I just had to pick up Away We Ride and Paper Snowflakes.  I got the last copy of Away We Ride, and why did I feel so good snapping that up anyway?  :-P

I already owned Poinsettia House, but I wanted to get the gorgeous floss while I was there. I think this might be my next project to work on!

Isn't that pretty? I love it. Here is my progress on that sweet Snowflower Diaries Haunted House from last time.  I've been busy and my plans to finish that before Halloween didn't exactly pan out.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween and is gearing up for Thanksgiving. This was the first year my son didn't dress up! He had homework to do and was busy playing online with a friend. Maybe next year (says a hopeful mom!). :) It is time for hot chocolate, sweaters, twinkle lights in windows, and short days. Also for cold, crisp clear nights that seem so much better for seeing stars and appreciating the beauty of the night. I feel so lucky to live in a state where we experience the four seasons so wonderfully. Sometimes we have a dud of a winter with some 70 degree days scattered in there, but sometimes we have a really great winter with snow and cold. Winter just seems suited for stitching and I really plan to get more done than the earlier part of this year.

We also celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary last week!  Boy, where did that time go?  Crazy.  Not a feat to be taken lightly!  I can't say enough good things about my husband, truth be told.  We have had up times, down times, and up times again.  It's been a ride for sure, but we laugh most every day and for that, I'm so thankful.  Life is really good right now and we're enjoying it fully.

Take care, and until next time...


Dee said...

Happy anniversary!!!

The frame you picked for the witch is just perfect. It really compliments your stitching.

Wendy said...

Wow! Happy Anniversary! This month, we hit 13.5 years, which is quite unbelievable to us!

Belinda said...

Love your little witch! Enjoy your new stitchy stash.

Brigitte said...

Spooky Hollow looks really great in that frame. And you made some nice progress on the Haunted House.
Away We Ride is now on my next shopping list, it's juts gorgeous.

Giovanna said...

The witch is awesome, and the WIP looks great too. Enjoy stitching Away We Ride, it's great fun :-)

Rachel said...

The flosses for Poinsettia House are GORGEOUS! And the frame for your witch is perfect. Beautiful!

Solstitches said...

Congratulations on your 27th wedding anniversary Tammy.
Your framed witch is beautiful.
Nice additions to the stash and great progress on the WIP.


Sadie said...

Beautiful finish Tammy - the frame is perfect!
Also loving 'Away we ride' I hadn't seen that design - very tempting!
Also, belatedly, happy anniversary!