Sunday, December 8, 2013

Haunted WIP, T-giving recap, Wildlife

I have nearly finished this little freebie by The Snowflower Diaries. And to think I had BIIIIG plans to finish it by Halloween. The fates must chuckle loudly at my cross stitching plans. Here is a near finish:

It'll be nice to finish her and move on to my next thing. I love Halloween, but I'm done. LOL.

Thanksgiving was so wonderful. The pizzelles were a hit again. My brother in law fixed another famous meal. My son absolutely LOVES his uncle's smoked turkey. Everything was so great. My in laws came too and thankfully my husband was able to be off for this holiday.  My son's grandfather hit a deer on the way home and luckily he was still pretty close to my sis's house.  They went and got him, but his car needed some major repairs.  He was so lucky he wasn't hurt or worse!

Sharing this holiday with family is really a special thing for me. My nephews are so cute and funny-they really keep us entertained! So, about brothers-there's always something going on behind someone's head, isn't there?

 My sis and her family were so thoughtful and got my boy a cake to celebrate his acceptance to college!  We laughed at the writing, but it's not the writing that counts.  By the way, have you been to Cake Wrecks?  If not, go now, because I've never laughed so hard at some of them.  This one however, seems just right to me.

We got a new Christmas tree and had it decorated a couple days before Thanksgiving. It fits perfectly in our little home.


Before I go, I want to show some of the birds that we share our back yard with. And one VERY NAUGHTY SQUIRREL. Love them.


Well, we have some sleet and freezing rain happening here today, as you can see from the photos.  Looks like the people north of us are getting hammered!  I do wish for some of the white (not icy) stuff soon.  Our weather has been crazy the past week.  A few days ago, it was nearly 70 degrees.  

Hopefully I'll be finishing up my WIP soon and will have a new start to post.  Stay safe and until then, 


  1. So glad that you had a wonderful holiday!
    Your bird pics are so beautiful.
    I hope to see that finish soon.
    Have a great week!

  2. It's a very busy time, so it's not always easy to whip out the finishes. I wish I could have more, too.
    You seem to have had a very nice Thanksgiving. And your tree looks fantastic.

  3. Very nice stitching, and your bird/squirrel pictures are fabulous.

  4. Your wip is lovely Tammy. Do let us see it again when it is finished. Love your pictures today, birds are beautiful, sons? are mischievous aren't they!

  5. Thank you for sharing this adorable little freebie! And the pics are beautiful, I love the shape of your tree!

  6. Cute freebie, love halloween themes. Enjoyed the wildlife too, especially the squirrel. Squirrels are such fun to watch, but boy do they cause trouble at times, LOL, one here managed to chew through my one feeder so he had free access to all the seed that was then all over the ground, sneaky little devil. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Sue


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