Monday, September 29, 2014

Halloween Bunting, College and Fall!

What a jam packed late summer we've had around here. We had a nice couple weeks coming off of July, and then we started getting our son ready for college. It seemed to last a long time, but wasn't really difficult to do. It was more of an emotional roller coaster, but it went very smoothly. Here he is all moved in!

My son was ribbing me this whole last year about "empty nest syndrome" and what I'd be doing when I was afflicted with it. LOL. However, he was RIGHT. Oh my. That first week was a killer. My husband worked that whole first week and this house was so quiet, it was like a tomb. I had no idea what to do with myself. My son told me that I'd "drown myself in my hobbies", as an initial reaction. Correct-a-mundo! Let's see, I visited every crafty store nearby, multiple times. I texted him this photo, just a day or two after he left:

Kinda says it all, right? Not too far behind was this pic. I had to make something, anything at all, so here I was one night, just making a coaster for no apparent reason:

Pretty sad. Good news is that work has been horrid busy, and it's kept me occupied a bit. I'm still staying on task with my crafty stuff, but dear me, this house is so quiet. Sia's "Chandelier" makes me cry for no good reason. And I have to stay away from the toddler boy's section of Target because I'm flooded with memories of my little boy. My LITTLE boy, who is all grown up and smart and handsome and a whole 'nother animal than my LITTLE boy was. Seriously, you'd miss this face too, right?

Anyways, I'm still stitching on that little Halloween house from summer. Nope, not done yet. As I said, work is horrid busy and I've not had much time. I did manage to whip these up using the Hobby Lobby yarn from above. It's going to be a little Halloween bunting for my mantle or somewhere else in the house. These granny triangles are so quick and cute. Give 'em a try! HERE is the link!

I'll leave you with a couple more pics of things I just want to post. Here are some mums that I saw at the store recently. I LOVE FALL, in case you haven't noticed:

And here is a recent moon photo. I don't have a long enough lens to get a great pic, so this is it. :P


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  1. Tammy, that is awesome news about your son! I've been reading back and catching up. It is a wonderful achievement on his part! Empty nest syndrome is hard at first and I think we always miss them! I'm so glad I found your blog again. I fell off the blogosphere a few years ago.

  2. I used to live in Perth Western Australia and we would talk sometimes via our blogs and email. I'm married and living in the us now!

  3. I think I would have visited all the craft and quilting and stitching stores around as well. But you will soon feel a lot better. Just think of his first visit back home that will happen in no time.

  4. Lovely yarn stash, and it sounds like perfect timing to help try and distract you a bit from the empty house. It's so hard when they grow up and move out, my "little one" has been grown and gone a number of years now and I still miss her being at home and it feels empty to many times, hang in there, it does get a bit easier after a while though. Sue

  5. Well for me the empty nest feeling has never gone away. I'd like to offer words of encouragement but I can't. There are good things about it, of course, like peace and quiet and always having the table available when you want it.the missing gets easier but never goes away, not for me anyway and then there is the day that they bring a girl home to meet mum and dad. Good luck with that one! Just enjoy the peace and if you can't, put some of his favourite music on and enjoy that.

  6. I remember the empty nest syndrome very well. But, there is also a joy in knowing you raised a great man that will rock the college world.

    Love how his desk is under his bunk. What a space saver.

    Happy fall!!!

  7. I have not seen my message turn up on your comments. I feel in love with one of you patterns called Witchy Brew. I have been looking all over for it and can not find it. Do you know anywhere they might carry it. I am afraid it might be cancelled :(

    Thank you,



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