Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Some Holiday pics and Baxter

You know, I've done so little work on my LHN that it doesn't even warrant a post or a pic. But I was messing with my camera (terrible results!), and thought I'd post some holiday eye candy just to get me in the mood for Christmas. I hope to stitch alot more this week.

Today was my son's last day of school for the week and already he's starting with "Can my friend spend the night?" or "Can I go to Pop Pop and Nana's house to spend the night?" ARGH. This child hates to stay home on his time off from school and he's always messing with people's schedules, lol.

First, here's Baxter. He always has this sad-sack look on his face, yet wags his tail contstantly. He's the most awesome dog ever. He's about 5 and we've had him almost 3 years. I found him in my front yard.

My husband works Thanksgiving and for a few days afterward, so we wanted to start getting our stuff our and get the tree going. It's not done yet though-excuse the bare shelves!

Oh, I LOVE this one! It's a little cross stitching mouse!

Well, again, I hope to have more of my stitching to show in a few days, but I've been super busy with work. I'm already looking forward to April when my contract is up! Thanks for stopping by and tolerating my blurry macro shots. I'm trying to get the hang of the no-flash macro and aperture settings. Take care.


  1. I love Baxter...he's the best. Your pictures look fine, kinda have a Christmas glow.

  2. Oh LORD Tammy....now I'm in the Christmas mood of 'comeoncomeoncomeon let's get the tree up NOW!'....I love what your doing with the sigs on the pics! Cool stuff! The blos layout looks great too!

  3. The photo's are fine and the tree is beautiful, can't wait to put ours up.My 12 yr old dd likes to go places on her days off too.

  4. Pretty pics!! Really getting me in the mood to get that tree decorated!

  5. AH...I remember those days when my son was young!!!

  6. I'm sure you're house is lovely at Christmas too. I just dug out my big box of wrapping goodies today, so later I'll be sorting through the gifts I've been storing in the closet all year.

    Where did you get that mouse ornament?!? Very cute!

  7. Baxter's a cutie, and I enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations. The little mice ornaments were adorable.

  8. My tree goes up this week! I have to clean house first though, ugh!
    Your tree is looking great! I'm exhausted tonight, I hosted dinner this year, I'm one whulped puppy!
    Sorry your hubby had to work on Thanksgiving, they told John he could if he wanted, but he knew he'd have to work long hours during the shutdown after the holiday so he took today off. I'm so glad, it doesn't seem like Thanksgiving if he's not here!

  9. I am feeling better. Thank you. Not shopping though. I enjoyed your pictures. Have a good week.


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