Monday, July 21, 2008

Sadly I'm back.

Well, I must tell you that the beach was fabulous. As it always is. My son is not as laid back as we are and he's forever wanting to know what is happening next and where are we going and where are we eating and can he go here and there and what are we doing after that...oy. My husband and I could literally sit on the beach all day, no worries. This kid has rocked our world.

That said, I love sharing this family tradition with him and he seems to cherish beach vacations. I did too, still do, and hopefully he has such a wonderful time that it will forever be a part of him and he can share it with his family someday. That would be so nice.

Isn't this a beautiful shot? Fenwick State Park, where you can take your dogs year round. We let ours visit on the last day after we picked them up from the kennel.

The guys aren't really sunburned, they just look red, lol.

Just a nightime shot of the ferris wheel on the pier.

I set up a Flickr thingy so people can look at more of the photos. I also tried to set up a slideshow on my blog, but it won't feed. If anyone knows what I have to do, please share! I have allowed Flickr permission and sent a test message but do I have to make all the photos public for it to feed? What the heck?

OK, I didn't take the Halloween Fairy, but I managed to start two new projects. I took the Prairie Stitching Fairy by Prairie Schooler, below:

and I bought a little Shepherd's bush kit, Wish, to do for my Mommy's birthday:

OK, I bought two Shepherd's Bush little kits, but I'll post that some other time. Blogging shouldn't take all day, right? I'll upload my new stuff tomorrow or at least sometime soon!

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  1. So glad you had a nice trip. I always like being able to stay somewhere for several days so there's plenty of down time.

    I never use Flickr for slideshows etc, so I'm no help. Photobucket is what I always use.

    Keep stitching away on those fairies! I love 'em!


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