Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach, Stash, and Bubblings from the Cauldron!

Beach is over again? It was fun while it lasted. Just a few pics below. I need to live there I tell ya.
I'm really in my happy place when at the beach. The fox photo was taken behind an amusement park. There were lots of them back there, and it was a real treat to catch them watching everyone. It was late at night and they were right under the lights, just hanging out!

Boardwalk and amusement park pics - also a view from our condo.

I bought so little stash this year. I decided I really need to concentrate on what I have, but I did give in to temptation for these. In case you can't see it, they are Plum Street Samplers Hare's Christmas, and Brightneedle's Under the Sea here.....

And Blackbird Designs Bittersweet Moon, Cricket Collection's Regatta, and Plum Pudding's Bridget Bishop here.

Finally, a little sneak peek of what I'm stitching now. It's a new design and I hope to have it done in the next couple of weeks. That'll be a record for me I know. I think I have the name for it, but I'll decide for sure when it's done.

Does anyone know what the heck is up with the Japanese and Chinese language comments I have on my blog? Is it spam? Are they really comments? I notice that someone likes to just put random quotes. There are more of these every time I make a post and I'm not getting it. The commenters don't appear to have "real" blogs, and the curiosity is killing me, lol. If you have any tips, please do share!

Until next time, have a fabulous stitchy week and I'll be back soon with a sneak peek update! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!


  1. Hey Tammy. I have the chinese writing in my comments too. I tried clinking on the dots at the end of there comments and it took me to porno site.. I just sign in then go and delete them from my comments. Hope that helps. Beach pictures are great! Loved the new stash. I want to get Hare's Christmas!!

  2. Yea, what April said. Good to hear from you and what a fun time in Ocean City! Sounds like a great place. Can't wait to see what's been bubbling in that cauldron of yours!

  3. Awesome pictures of you all at the beach. I love the beach, too - so relaxing!

    I just this minute finished going thru my blog and found a bunch of the chinese charachter comments on old posts. I deleted them all as I had heard, like April that they were links to porno sites (and I would assume, spam). One of them had the word "sex" amongst the characters. I hope none of my blog followers read or clicked on them. Argh!!!

  4. Oh, so loving your pictures of the beach! I love your new stash too.
    So fun to see a post from you. I haven't been a good blogger lately. I just don't feel like posting right now I guess.
    Can't wait to see your new design. It looks really cute!
    I think the Chinese comments are spam.

  5. The beach pictures look so lovely as it's so cold here! Loving the stash, you can never have enough, the Christmas one is adorable!

  6. beautiful beach pictures and I love the stash you bought.
    Your preview of the new design looks great !!!

  7. Oh the beach look wonderful! Glad you had a great holiday.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new design :-)

  8. The chinese comments link to porn sites and sometimes carry viruses that can bring down your hard drive. Don't click on them!
    Just delete them.

    Lovely pics of the beach!

  9. Those beach photos are so enticing. Looks like you all had a great time.

    I think we've all gotten those comments from time to time. Delete and forget about them.

  10. Lovely to hear what you've been up to lately. I too like the beach, it's so relaxing and fun!

    Those charts are all wonderful. You certainly have good taste. :)

    I was getting comments about pharmaceutical products a while back so I had to change my comments settings to registered users only. It certainly stopped them. They're so annoying.

  11. Gorgeous pictures and gorgeous family, too! I hadn't seen Hare's Christmas. That is really cute.

  12. It looks so beautiful and of course I LOVE that fox! :D

    Nice stash acquisition; looking forward to seeing your design. :)

  13. generally it seems the non-English comments are spam on my blog. Though I do get a few German or otherwise that are from real readers. Throw it into google translator and you can get an idea of what they are saying.

    Love the pics! And great new stash.

  14. I think I'm in love with that little dark heart!

    Yep --- the Chinese stuff is spam. Sorry you are having to deal with it. :-(

  15. Love your pictures!!! I'm trying to resist buying stash as well...it's so hard...but I have a mountain.

    I agree...I think the characters are spam...why won't they just give up!!!

  16. The beach is one of the best places to be! What fun! Lovely stash too. I can't wait to see the new design!

  17. Those beach pictures are great. I'd love to be there right now to feel the breeze instead of all the heat here.
    Very nice new stash. Last year I also decided to stitch from what I have. But don't we need some new charts from time to time? Me too, lol.

  18. Oh heavens...your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! It makes me want to go too :) Beaches...wonderful, eh?!
    Love your stash...nothing but a bit of stash to enhance the day! LOL!

  19. Love your beach pics Tammy. Glad you had a great time.Wonderful stash. Lucky you to see Adam Lambert too . Hope you are having a fun summer .

  20. Hi, lovely photos and the preveiw photos for your new design look interesting , speaking of designs do you ship to the uk as I would love to buy a copy of witchy brew. Thanks in advance and happy stitching Fiona

  21. Hi Tammy, Those comments comments make me nuts. I think that theses spammers have some kind of auto post program linked to blogger. Because some of those posts hit my comments only a few minutes after I post. Even if you moderate your blog comments, once they have got you in their system they still post comments.

    I thought that would make a difference but I am not so sure. Nice stitching and vacation photos!

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  24. Oh Tammy, I have Regatta and Under the Sea in my stash pile....must get those out !


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