Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spooky Hollow Finish

Happy Valentine's Day! Let's see, I've not been back since November so a quick recap is in order. Thanksgiving was wonderful, went to my sis's house and visited with everyone-same for Christmas. She and her husband are great to host it for us. Wonderful company and food. My husband lost a friend of his in the line of duty on New Year's Eve. His loss will forever be felt by family, friends, co-workers, and the community at large.

On a lighter note, my son just took his ACT and is taking the SAT in March.  He's researching colleges, and I don't think we're ready for all this!  Yes, we knew it was coming, but it really sneaks up on you, doesn't it?  YIKES.

Otherwise, we've just been working and doing some cleaning out and fixing up of our little house. Just some repainting, etc. at this point. It'll be good to get it all done. Speaking of all done-I finished Spooky Hollow without the border. Yes, I did say that I wanted to finish it properly. But guess what? I'm taking a page out of a fellow stitcher's book and saying "I didn't do it and I don't feel guilty either!" LOL. Think of me what you will (you're probably right, whatever it is!). I looked at that border and thought "Do I really want to spend time stitching this??!" The overwhelming answer was
Spooky Hollow
With Thy Needle and Thread
28 ct. Picture This Plus Mello
Regular DMC floss

So, there we go.  All done.  Now I'm finishing up the Shepherd's Bush Green Snowman-he's over there to the right in my sidebar.  He's nearly done.  Have you seen the new Gray Snowman?  Oh, I think I'm going to have to have him!

Isn't he adorable?  And I love that little house too! All of those snowmen are so cute.  I think I need blue and purple as well.

We put a bird feeder up, so I'll leave you with a pretty pic of one of my favorite birdies.
 Until next time,


  1. It's so nice to see a post from you
    I love the witch and don't you dare feel guilty about the border
    I love them SB snowmen

  2. The cardinal is the perfect red for Valentine's Day! ;-)

    Ahhhhhh...finding a college. I remember those days. Luckily, Stephen's first two choices were here in Florida so we didn't have to travel far and wide. For grad school we looked up in Boston, but he ended up doing grad school right here in Winter Park. LOL

    Hope your son finds just the right place for him.

  3. Tammy, so nice to see you back. I was thinking of you during your absence. So nice to see lovely little cardinal

  4. Spooky Hollow is a wonderful finish, (even without the border, lol). I love this designer, nearly everything she designs. And I also love all the SB snowmen. Have fun stitching the green one.

  5. Oh, do I remember the days of finding colleges for my son! So many things to do and to consider. Then they're off and you miss them so much. My son is in his second year and I miss him all the time.

    Love your stitching!! I've always had a week spot for WTNT and Shepherd's Bush pieces even though I don't do many of them!! And you can take whatever creative license you want on your pieces. They're yours to enjoy!!

  6. Woohoo! So happy to see a post from you. It sounds like it's been busy at your place. I can totally relate to your feelings about your son. It does sneak up on us doesn't it? My son will graduate in 2 years and I'm not ready.
    Your stitching looks fabulous, and I have not seen the new SB so thanks for enabling me. It's darling!
    So sorry to hear about your friend. That is rough. Blessing go out to his family.
    Hope all is well. So great to hear from you.

  7. So sorry about the loss of your friend, how tragic for everyone. Good luck to your son on his testing and applying to the various colleges he's interested in. It is such an exciting time, but stressful too. I couldn't believe it when my daughter went through it, she just didn't seem old enough to me for that, where does the time go. Love Spooky, so cute, and I think it looks fine without a border.

  8. Spooky turned out very cute, often I don't stitch the borders either. To me it tends to be boring, and I'd rather spend my time on other things, plus when finishing sometimes it is soooo hard to make the border look like it is straight all around. Grey snowman is very cute, I can see why you'd need to add him to your stash.Sue

  9. So is the green snowman done? Did you get and start the grey snowman? Inquiring minds want to know :) Hope you're doing well.


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