Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mrs. McGuire's Garden in Fits and Starts

Just a quick post to show my progress on Pineberry Lane's Mrs. McGuire's Garden! I love it.

I have started this project on THREE different pieces of fabric! I had originally gotten a piece of PTP 14ct Aida in "Ale", and it was gorgeous, but so so very soft.  I didn't like the floppiness of it and the fabric didn't seem to have any "bite" to hold the floss. Does that make sense? I tried it for a while and decided it wasn't for me.  Then I dyed a piece of Fiddler's a nice brown, but I got to those danged butterfly wings and I messed them up so many times that you wouldn't have believed it. So I decided I wanted to do it so badly I started again.  For all the progress I did on each of those starts, I could have had it done already, lol.   Finally, it's working out.  I do love the pattern so much and I really need to get this done!

And can I just say that all DMC floss colors are not equal? They most certainly are not. I've been stitching a very long time and that brown around the butterfly's wings is #869. I'm just going to be blunt and say that floss quality is NOT GOOD. It took me forever to stitch those things because it would twist, bunch up, and no two threads would lay properly on any stitch I did. Same for the #640, which is the inside of the butterfly wings. UGH!

I'm also using Thread Magic, which is a different floss conditioner than Thread Heaven (this has been discontinued), and I am not thrilled with that either! 

Next post will be of a lot more progress on Mrs. McGuire's Garden hopefully!  Pineberry Lane has so many cute and pretty things I need to stitch!  Until then, have a great week!


  1. Sorry about the floss and fabric issues! What fabric did you end up going with? I haven't heard of Thread Magic before your post. I look forward to seeing more of Mrs. McGuire's Garden in your next post.

  2. Hi Robin! Thanks for commenting! I used another piece of Fiddler's 14 ct. aida that I dyed a cocoa brown. It's pretty!

  3. Mrs. McGuire's Garden is looking good.
    I too love Pine berry Lane designs.
    Love the Fancey Blackett series too.
    Glad you found a happy medium with your fabric, you won't like stitching it if you don't like the fabric.
    I've been having a problem with the floss splitting and just falling apart.
    Nothing is like what it used to be, is it.
    Have fun finishing it!

  4. Yes, the Fancey Blacketts are adorable too! I have quite a few! And no, it doesn't seem anything is like it used to be. I have found DMC floss to just be a weird quality anymore. I never used to have problems with it!

  5. Oh yes, you are right. Pineberry Lane has such cool designs and they are all worth stitching. I particularly love the Fancey Blackett series. Looking forward to seeing the progress on your project.
    I have noticed the same thing about DMC colours. When I compare newer skeins to older ones of some numbers I can see that the colours are not the same. I'm not thrilled with this either.

  6. Thank you for agreeing Brigitte! Yes, the quality is different, and it's disappointing. The older floss is so much better.


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!