Tuesday, May 8, 2018

New stitchy update and extended DMC rant!

Here with an update to my Mrs. Maguire's Garden, and a few other things (DMC rant ahead!). She is coming along nicely and should be done soon!

I made some mistakes changes in this design. I made the strawberry tops all the same color and have forgone the fussy french knots on the berries and water from the watering can.

I also added an additional row of flowers on this stalk because I didn't count correctly and refused to do it over.  But I think it's OK, and I'm sure no one I know will point out the difference.

OK, so now my DMC rant.  I knew I wasn't going crazy.  There are not only color differences, but also major differences in texture and smoothness of the floss.  See what you think.

Left side=old  Right side=new

Left side=old  Right side=new
Left side=old  Right side=new

Now, this last example of #924 illustrates what I'd been saying in a previous post the best. The new thread lacks the sheen, smoothness, and silkiness of the old thread.  And the new thread is twisted SO much more-and by that, I mean each individual strand of the six strand floss-and that affects the stitches so much, it really does, for me anyway.  It's been really frustrating for this perfectionist.  Bottom line: I don't care how much they say the floss is the same.  It is not.

OK, and with that, I'm out!  I'm enjoying the weather and all is good here!  Updates soon with a finish, hopefully!


  1. You are 100% right. I am having issues with shredding and breakage. That NEVER happened with DMC in the past.

  2. Thank You! I am considering changing brands!

  3. Mrs. Maguire's Garden is looking great.
    Yup, DMC's quality has surely gone downhill.
    Maybe a new recipe like everything else now.
    Companies are cutting corners to save money.
    And the kicker is, it went up in price!! Why???
    I've had a lot of shredding and knotting with it lately.

  4. Isn't that always the way? Less quality for more money. It's so disappointing! I'm going to try a new floss and will report back!

  5. Mrs. Maguire is looking good. I like your changes; I would have done the same as you in forgoing the French knots on the strawberries and the water droplets.

    Add me to the camp with the DMC issues. Let us know about your new floss trial.

  6. Thanks Robin! I will keep ya posted!


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