Sunday, December 9, 2018

So close! December Musings and other stuff.

I hope everyone is having a nice end of Fall and early Winter. Here, on this day, we have a LOT of snow coming down right now and it's beautiful.

  As of right now, around 5:30pm, it's really dangerous on the roads and there are many accidents on both major roads and all the back roads near us. My husband has gone out to fetch my son's girlfriend (bless him!), and bring her home safely. I wanted her to come home much earlier, but she had something to take care of and got on the road as soon as she could, but it's just too bad out. Really pretty snow to look at and watch from inside, but deathly dangerous to be out in it!

Thanksgiving was nice with friends and family around again. Menu was much like last year and everything came out great. I just cannot believe Christmas is upon us again. Love these kids right here.

I'm beginning not to enjoy it like I used to. Lots of reasons for that, and I think I need a separate blog to discuss those things.  Heck, maybe two additional blogs, lol.  Be on the lookout...........
Nearly done with The Giving Sisters. I'm getting tired of looking at it with all the snow and cold going on around me. Used the pin stitch to do the single stitching above the cauldron.  So many ways to fudge around with a stitch out there all by itself.  Easy to lose count too!

 SO CLOSE to being done! I want this off my bars before Christmas, and I want to stitch something wintry!

Also been working on some crochet stars. So relaxing and fun and it puts me a bit more of a festive mood working with all white yarn and some pretty snowflake stars. I'm going to turn them into a banner or string of them to put up somewhere for the whole winter season.

Well, I'll stop for now. Time to get dinner (pot roast) out of the oven and hope my husband and my girl make it home safe and sound. I hate not having everyone safely inside these four walls. I hope you and yours are tucked away, enjoying the evening and being festive!


  1. The snow is so pretty, but yes, can be treacherous!
    Hope you can finish Giving Sisters soon, they look great.
    Cute stars, they would make a cute garland.
    Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Marilyn! You have a great weekend too!

  2. Hope they got home safely! Like you, I prefer being home as the snow flies. We ended up with a decent amount here; all of the area school systems have a snow day today. You are so close with the sisters stitch. I love your crocheted stars. Hope you share how you hang them. Enjoy your day!

    1. Yep, I'll show them when I get them up! Thank you so much Robin!

  3. Love your white snowflakes.
    We've made several changes to holiday meals, so that they go smoothly and are more enjoyable for us. Different seasons in life , different routines.

    1. Thanks Rose-yes, I need to do some changes to the Christmas Holiday. Too much buying and running around and not enough baking, walking, candlelight, etc. I will be all over your blog/website today-it looks amazing! <3

  4. I just love that stitching :)


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!