Friday, November 25, 2022

Thanksgiving, Pineberry Lane, and a Witchy Primitive Pinkeep

I hope everyone is recovering nicely from turkey and carb overload! Nice to sit down and type for a bit after a couple days on my feet. Thanksgiving was really nice. Small gathering with my father in law and my son and daughter in law. They called in the morning to say how strange it was to wake up on Thanksgiving and not be in our home, hearing all the goings on in the morning, etc. It was equally weird for me not having them here. I miss them so much! But they are just a couple streets over and I'm very thankful for that! 

Got only a tiny bit of work done on Tansy, by Pineberry Lane. When I have another block of time, I should be able to nearly finish it. I absolutely love her designs. 

 I forgot to show some stash I acquired a month or so ago when me and my mom drove up to In Stitches on a spur of the moment one weekend.

I could have gone really overboard, but this was it. Not like I have a shortage of patterns, you know? LOL. 

Well, there's another primitive Halloween finish here! It's from Prims By Denise on Etsy. I saw it and thought maybe, just maybe I could do it. So I carefully followed the instructions and VOILA! I now have an adorable witchy pincushion of my very own!

She could maybe use a couple more pins, but I don't want to overload it. Pretty proud of this one! I'm not a stranger to a sewing machine and I love the one I have. It's an old Singer that my husband got for me at Woolworth's (believe it or not), back in about 1988-89. Knock on wood, it's a workhorse! And it's served me well for all my crafty needs this whole time.

There are so many wonderful Etsy designers out there with primitive patterns and cross stitch and all kinds of other things. Getting on my tablet in the evening before I go to sleep and just perusing....that's my habit and I don't wanna kick it. It relaxes me just dreaming about all the things and planning out what I want to do next.

Time to get Christmas planning. Another year coming to an end. The end of the year just goes so quickly! There's barely any time between Halloween and New Year's it seems. 

Take care and get lots of stitching and crafting time in between doing all that holiday shopping!

Until next time,


  1. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful.
    Love Pineberry Lane.
    She's having a sale!
    Tansy is looking great.
    OMG! Love that pincushion!
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thx Marilyn! I saw that sale! I have so so many things to stitch, but I never fail to find more!

  2. Tansy is looking good. Your pincushion is darling, Tammy. Well done! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thx Robin! It was so fun to make! Enjoy your weekend as well!


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