Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fly Birdie!

The little birdie carrying the stitching fairy is taking shape. I love Prairie Schooler stuff. So simple to stitch, but so adorable!

I visited with a cross stitching friend today at her new house. She seems very happy and has a wonderful studio area to work in. I covet it! Actually, I have a nice office area (but I want to call it a studio) but alas, I must share it with my husband and son, so it must be kept in order, lol. But watch out--if I ever get my own space, I'm going to break loose and keep the sewing machine out ALL the time!

The heat, my goodness, the heat. It was stifling today and I was thankful to come home to a cool house and stitch a bit this evening. I have also browsed some of the cool needlework blogs listed here and man, are these women inspirational. I just love looking around at what other women are stitching and seeing the passion they have for the needle and thread. So props to all the stitchers out there, young and old, and even to the people who just appreciate needlework for what it is, and what it can do for one's soul.


  1. I agree with you on the Prairie Stitcher, AND about all the inspirational stitchers out there--although it has cost me a lot of money discovering all these things! LOL. Did you say you bought stitching stuff when you were on vacation? There's supposed to be a needlework shop near Ocean City, but I can't remember the name--I just heard about it the other day.

  2. I love oogling sewing and stitching blogs too from time to time, but I don't stitch any more of course. I think it's wonderful when people find something they're passionate about, even if it's just working on the car or baking some cakes.

  3. Hi Glenna! Yes, I did go to The Salty Yarn in Ocean City, and they have EVERYTHING!!! If you get a chance to go, please do. They are at 8th street on the boardwalk.

    ITA with you Wendy! Passion for most anything is great! :)

  4. Hi! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
    There are some awesome stitcher's out there.
    I love PS too. The fairy is looking great.
    I have Mirabilia Halloween, but I have to find a different color to stitch her on, that brown is just to blah for her, lol.
    I enjoyed browsing your blog, love the title too.
    I will put you in my GR, cuz I will be back.


Thank you so much! I appreciate all stitchy comments!