Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Happenings and Little Witch

Where has the past week gone? Yikes! I had promised some Halloween decorating pics and I have a few for you. But first, here's a bit of progress on my Shepherd's Bush Little Witch. I think it's going pretty quick as I haven't actually spent alot of time stitching on it. The other is Cricket Collection Boo. I'm a sucker for sheep. I did him back in 2001, which is a long time, but he graces my walls on a constant basis because I love him so.

Next up are some pictures of my home, which gets all decked out for Halloween! My favorite holiday finds my husband and I out in the yard constantly tweaking and adding and fussing until the holiday is over. Ha! Most of our decorations are handmade, handstuffed, handpainted.

Here is "Front Porch Guy"

Trick or Treater (boy, does he cause some second looks)

Front Door Wreath

My husband made this coffin and the suit and hat are from Goodwill

This is Michael Myers in an upstairs window. I love this one!

Are you guys decorating? Get to it! I have lots more, but honestly, I didn't want to overload anyone, lol. I hope you enjoyed my little bit of Halloween.

I'm bummed about my Halloween fairy because the thread I got is SO different from what the rest of the wings are. AAARGH. So, it looks like I'll have to make a trip up north to a fantastic cross stitch shop and bring in my fairy for comparison. I just want to get it finished, but it realistically may be a while. Have a great stitchy week and I'll have way more of my little witch finished next time!


  1. OMG my BF would love your decorations! My decorations are more on the cutesy side which bother him since Halloween is suppose to be "scary" I haven't done the front yard yet but may make it scary for him :-) Can't wait to see more pics!

  2. This is my first visit and it won't be my last, you have some wonderful stitching projects! :-)

  3. I love your little witch and your cute boo sheepie. I also love all your decorations. We don't get into the Halloween spirit much around here because dh works and the kids are almost grown which is probably why I don't stitch much for the holiday, I don't even decorate the house but enjoy looking at yours and others.

  4. Gosh I love the coffin dude! I've got to decorate my yard!!!
    Usually I just decorate the door and have my pumkins out. Great decorating!

  5. I've done what little decorating will be done this year, but we haven't carved or painted any pumpkins yet. Your stuff is always awesome!

  6. Little Witch is looking great, and I love the Cricket Collection's Boo that you've framed. Gotta love those sheepies!

  7. Great decorations! Your stitching looks beautiful. Good luck on finding a match for your thread.

  8. omg the Michael Myers! Love it love it. I'm finishing my stuff and hope to have some pics soon. Great job. Love the CEC sheep by the way

  9. OMG, that Michael Myers is so creepy!!! :-O

  10. Your little witch is looking so cute, and BOO is adorable, what a fun halloween piece. I loved all your decorations. I'm so behind in decorating this year, so far all I have out is one mat and my favorite Halloween stitched piece. I really need to get moving. So sorry to hear the thread you got was just to different to work. Hopefully you can get to the shop sooner than you think, that would be so frustrating to not be able to work on her.

  11. Great decorations!!

    I wish that I would be more in the mood to decorate this year, but there is so much going on :(

  12. Spooky...

    I can't wait until the party! I need to get working on the costume.

  13. WHOA! Those decorations are something! MORE PLEASE! I don't know if I'd walk into your house with that guy on the front porch...it looks so real....

  14. I just LOVE your home all decked out for Halloween! WOW!!! Lots-a-work there, that's for sure. What great imagination's you and DH have though. Bet that the kids in the neighborhood just love it.

    Awh, Little Witch is looking so very pretty...since this is a SB Witch, she is allowed to look PRETTY. LOL I came across this kit over the weekend (actually, I was purposely looking for it LOL) Having seen this in progress by you, and done by another stitcher, and knowing I had it, decided that it could very well be my next project. *smile* See, I've been enabled!!! LOL

    I just LOVE your Cricket Collection finish!!! What a colorful and truely awesome design. I would leave him hung up year round too...you need to enjoy him just as much as you can. I am going to need to see if this pattern is still available! See, there you go again, enabling me!!! Now QUIT THAT! LOL Just kidding! You can enable me all you want.

    Have a great day!!!

  15. Love, love, love your decorations! Wish you lived in my neighborhood--most of my neighbors aren't nearly as inspired and frankly, neither am I! And just buying it doesn't count either--I think you and your husband are so talented. I love Boo also, by the way. Bummer on the thread. I have to head up there (I'm assuming you're thinking of In Stitches) to get some threads for the baby chart I'm doing, and I'm stopping by Scarlet Thread in Vienna late next week because the rabbit vet is across the street! I understand they're having a 30% off sale, by the way, this Saturday for their 3rd anniversary. I can't make it Saturday, unfortunately, because I have to be in College Park, but I'm stopping by In Stitches on the way up in the a.m. anyway.

  16. "They" being Scarlet Thread is having the 30% off sale, in case my rambling was confusing--LOL. It's late, and even though I'm on vacation, apparently I'm programmed to go to bed promptly at midnight even though I can stitch until 2 a.m. if I want.

  17. Oh, Boo is so adorable... I'd leave him out year round as well! And you know I'm loving the wee witch! ;-)

    As for your decorations... You and your DH are so talented... They are Great and sooo realistically Spooky! I'm running screaming! lol I do think I'd be up all night wondering if all those scary creatures were going to get up and start creeping towards the bedroom... Especially that Michael Myers one in the upper window... OMG!!! I just can't do scary films or scary things... I have a very vivid imagination and sometimes it runs rampant and I imagine all sorts of weird and crazy things! lol Heck, I still have night lights in every room in my house as well as leaving lamps on all night! lol It's super cool though and my kids would love it!!!

    I normally just have a witch or three... a few brooms... lots of pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns... Mums and a scarecrow or two... just the non-scary stuff... lol My dd decorates her house with the scary stuff... creepy music to boot... and she loves horror films! lol

    I'm sorry to hear about your thread problem for your Halloween Fairy... Good luck in finding some close to what you have... :-)

    I've rambled quite enough now... Tootles for now, Hun...

    Pumpkin {{{Hugs}}}


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